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to please ask vegan mumsnetters for their milk substitutes for coffee?

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HorseItIntoMe Sat 16-Dec-17 12:54:22

i have tried KOKO coconut "milk" and its quite nice but I have to keep stirring it as it kind of settles in the bottom on the mug which looks horrible

is there anything out there that actually behaves like milk / cream? but vegan?

I cant drink it black I have tried many times but I find it just yuk :D

PinkAvocado Sat 16-Dec-17 12:56:15

Oatly do a barista one which is good.

PinkAvocado Sat 16-Dec-17 12:57:47

SaucyJack Sat 16-Dec-17 12:57:58

Have you tried letting your coffee cool down before adding the milk?

It can make a difference.

Blackteadrinker77 Sat 16-Dec-17 12:58:47

I use unsweetened soya milk.

littlepeas Sat 16-Dec-17 13:02:38

Almond milk is my favourite (provamel does the best one). Dh favours Oatly!

honeysucklejasmine Sat 16-Dec-17 13:03:40

Oatly Barista

Branleuse Sat 16-Dec-17 13:04:30

alpro oat milk or oat dream (the other oat milks are grim and powdery

BamburyFuriou3 Sat 16-Dec-17 13:04:51

Oatly barista, or a nut milk like hazelnut or cashew

HorseItIntoMe Sat 16-Dec-17 13:05:00

thanks all!

no saucy I actually heat my milk up before adding the hot water / coffee. because I like my coffee super hot (perhaps that's where I am going wrong haha)

user1494849703 Sat 16-Dec-17 13:06:31

Sorry to hijack your thread horse but I'm planning to do veganuary and having the same problem with tea. Would the same oatly ones work in tea as well?

thelastredwinegum Sat 16-Dec-17 13:06:45

I'm not vegan but hazelnut milk is quite nice in coffee imho.

GemmaB78 Sat 16-Dec-17 13:07:20

Hazelnut milk works well.

Sisinisawa Sat 16-Dec-17 13:07:20

I prefer unsweetened soya but I've heard good things about oatly barista.

littlepeas Sat 16-Dec-17 13:07:31

My dh has oatly in tea.

wherethevioletsgrow Sat 16-Dec-17 13:08:07

Not vegan but I would recommend Oatly Barista or Blue Diamond Barista. Both are great and thicker than normal nut milks. Blue Diamond I have only seen in waitrose and is a bit pricey at £1.90 for a litre, but the oatly one is in morrisons as well and is cheaper.

happypoobum Sat 16-Dec-17 13:09:11

You cannot heat almond/soy as hot as you would cows milk.

Oatmilk might get a bit hotter, but I think that is where you are going wrong.

How can you drink it if it is actually all boiling though? confused

HorseItIntoMe Sat 16-Dec-17 13:10:26

User that's exactly why I am asking too! I am starting to make changes now in preparation. Good luck !!! X

littlepeas Sat 16-Dec-17 13:11:10

I put almond milk in my frother and it works very well (provamel does anyway, alpro is a bit hot and miss).

HorseItIntoMe Sat 16-Dec-17 13:11:28

Happypoo I only heat it slightly for about 20 seconds just so its warmed

ArthurShelbysTash Sat 16-Dec-17 13:13:40

After extensive research, the only milk alternative I can deal with in tea or coffee is Aldi unsweetened soya. I went dairy free for health reasons 2 years ago and it didn't work so even though I dabble in dairy again, I still use this in my tea and coffee. Any nut milk for hot chocolate or latte (or barrista soya) but Aldi unsweetened soya is the way to go.

NameChange30 Sat 16-Dec-17 13:14:04

Oatly Barista. It’s even nice on cereal and makes a good hot chocolate.

(I’m not vegan but dairy free. Also use Oatly crème fraîche and Violife cheese.)

hazelnutlatte Sat 16-Dec-17 13:25:16

The problem you have is liking your coffee really hot as the easiest way to stop your non dairy milk from splitting is letting the coffee cool down a bit before adding the milk.
I've heard that oatly barista is good and alpro do a soya 'for professionals' which is what is used in costa / Starbucks.

PumpkinSquash Sat 16-Dec-17 13:49:15

Not vegan but don't drink milk. Soya's good in tea/coffee. I find oat based ones are good on cereal but not in tea as they tend to make your drink go all "bitty" like you've dunked a biscuit in there or something.

Thedietstartsnow Sat 16-Dec-17 13:52:45

Apro soya cream.sainsburys and Tesco do it

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