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Last ever Christmas present

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Dianag111 Sat 16-Dec-17 08:53:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dianag111 Sat 16-Dec-17 08:54:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AllThreeWays Sat 16-Dec-17 08:55:23

A leather wallet or satchel?

ShowMePotatoSalad Sat 16-Dec-17 08:55:58

I'm so sorry, OP. You sound incredibly strong and brave. flowers

How about a beautifully framed photograph of you together?

Afreshturkeyplease Sat 16-Dec-17 08:56:00

A day out? The gift of memories?

Pretenditsaplan Sat 16-Dec-17 08:56:05

A box of letters he can open when he needs to i.e "when youve had a bad day at work"
"When its raining and miserable"
"When you need to smile"

AllThreeWays Sat 16-Dec-17 08:56:25

Or cufflinks?

Unicorndiva Sat 16-Dec-17 08:56:59

Not being ub to ask for help to make it special - so sorry to read what you are going through - would a photo book of all your special days out, occasions, holidays work? You could put little
Quotes on the pages about what you love about him the most to fit with the picture ? Something he can look over for many years to come ? - I no my husband would love it, but it’s not to everyone’s taste ! Massive hugs xx.

Singlebutmarried Sat 16-Dec-17 08:57:25

Borrow the watch you bought last year and regift it with an inscription?

bikingintherain Sat 16-Dec-17 08:57:38

A photo album with some of you're favorite memories, perhaps a note to go with each one.

katienana Sat 16-Dec-17 08:58:35

I don't know what to say op, so I'll try and stick to the brief. what about a beautiful book that you love? Are you well enough to take a little trip somewhere? I think happy memories make the best gift of all xxx

Chasingsquirrels Sat 16-Dec-17 08:59:52

I'm sorry to read this OP.
Last year was my DH's last Christmas (I knew it would be). TBH I just wanted the memories of the time with him rather than things.

Have you got any really nice pictures of the two of you that you could have made into a canvas?

NoFucksImAQueen Sat 16-Dec-17 09:00:44

Something to remind him of you?
I got dh this for our first anniversary and he loved it

Bringbeboback Sat 16-Dec-17 09:00:49

A photo album or framed print of you both?
A new wallet that you could get a messaged embossed on it and a photo of you inside?
An engraved glass and a bottle of his favourite alcohol?

NoFucksImAQueen Sat 16-Dec-17 09:02:00


Allthecoolkids Sat 16-Dec-17 09:02:34

I’d go with a box of letters and photos too I think. And maybe put one special photo in a lovely frame and wrap that up for him.

Sorry, OP. I can’t imagine how hard it must be x

SabineUndine Sat 16-Dec-17 09:02:56

I would get him things that he’ll have for the rest of his life and use ever day so he’ll always have something from you with him. Maybe a silver key ring, a wallet from Aspinal’s, a silver money clip? Hugs to you both.

BadPolicy Sat 16-Dec-17 09:04:12

A CD, you can enjoy together & will remind him of you?

Namechangetempissue Sat 16-Dec-17 09:05:21

I would get a beautifully engraved wooden box and fill it with pictures and memories of you both.
I am so sorry OP, I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas together flowers

WinnieFosterTether Sat 16-Dec-17 09:07:06

So sorry that this is your last Christmas flowers
What about a rose bush or a tree? I know it's not something you treasure in the traditional sense but it is beautiful to see them flower every year or see them grow.

onemorecupofcoffeefortheroad Sat 16-Dec-17 09:07:25

Can I suggest (as well the previous suggestions) a recording of your voice. Tell him things you haven't told him, talk about your memories and shared times together, tell him what you hope for him for the future. I love photos but hearing someone's voice somehow brings that person to life in a way that photos don't. I often wish I could still hear the voices of people I have lost. My sister in particular. I work on Oral History and it's amazing to listen to people's voices from the past.
Also, you could buy him a trip to somewhere that's special to you both or somewhere altogether different that he's always wanted to go to.
An eternity ring.

NoFuckingRoomOnMyBroom Sat 16-Dec-17 09:08:34

I hope you have a special Christmas together.
I'd also go with a beautiful box full of your memories together along with a letter for him to read when he's ready.

InspMorse Sat 16-Dec-17 09:10:51

A book of photographs. Your favourite memories of you both together x

FoofFighter Sat 16-Dec-17 09:11:37


Max Spielman photo shops do gorgeous wooden boxes that can have inscriptions on ( might be a transfer rather than actual engraving)

Lovely to put lots of memories and photos and little notes in x

haba Sat 16-Dec-17 09:12:54

May I echo onemorecupofcoffee's suggestion, and say make a recording of you. Perhaps reading his favourite poem or short story, or even just something funny from the newspaper, depending on your personalities.
Voice is something we usually cannot keep in our memories in the same way we remember people's image or smell.

I wish you and your family peace and love at this time flowers

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