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the icing on the f****** cake

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BrizzleDrizzle Sat 16-Dec-17 07:18:01

It's been a shit week this week, various reasons but it's not been the finest by a long chalk.

To top it of DD has just been chatting to me about something which she was fascinated by until two days ago. She now tells me that she hates them and she is totally freaked out by them.

Said item is her main Xmas present which I've saved for all year and cost £90. Without it she's got two gifts to open.

AIBU to be bloody pissed off by this?

Angelicinnocent Sat 16-Dec-17 07:21:18

Nope, not unreasonable. How old is DD?

Had this happen when DS was little but was easy enough to exchange. Don't think it would be so easy with this years present though.

Bobbiepin Sat 16-Dec-17 07:21:39

YANBU but it happens. How old is DD? Is there any way you can take it back and buy her something else? There's still time.

BrizzleDrizzle Sat 16-Dec-17 07:22:44

She's 13 and really hard to buy for angry

TooGood2BeFalse Sat 16-Dec-17 07:24:12

YANBU to be upset. Give her the gift.She is old enough to be grateful and I'm sure she will love it when it's in front of her.

tiredbutFINE Sat 16-Dec-17 07:25:26

Any chance you can return it and get vouchers instead? If she’s given to changing her mind it’s a safer bet, but less exciting than a big gift.

LolitaLempicka Sat 16-Dec-17 07:25:33

She's freaked out today. Tomorrow is another day. 13 year olds are arseholes!

Japanese Sat 16-Dec-17 07:25:55

What is the present? <curious>

Lukeandlorelai4Ever Sat 16-Dec-17 07:27:26

What's the present ?

RitaMills Sat 16-Dec-17 07:28:18

What is the gift? If it’s really popular I’m sure you’ll get your money back.

hesterton Sat 16-Dec-17 07:28:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RebootYourEngine Sat 16-Dec-17 07:29:15

Im intrigued. What is the gift? Why is she 'freaked out' by it?

Mummyoflittledragon Sat 16-Dec-17 07:33:32

13 and freaked out? eBay/return and give her the cash perhaps?

outofmydepth45 Sat 16-Dec-17 07:33:44

Sounds very fickle you get what your given in my book

annandale Sat 16-Dec-17 07:34:17

She might be trying to manage her own emotions - the message being 'don't worry if you haven't bought me x mum, I'll be ok'

Being 13, the output is a bit over the top grin

BrieAndChilli Sat 16-Dec-17 07:38:23

I’m trying to think of what would freak out a 13 year old!!!

BrizzleDrizzle Sat 16-Dec-17 07:40:14

OK, it's the Meccano Max AI robot. She has always wanted to be an engineer and watched every programme under the sun but deleted two that she'd recorded just now because 'robots freak me out'

RitaMills Sat 16-Dec-17 07:40:55

Those generation dolls? Dolls started freaking me out at that age, especially the creepy porcelain ones you thankfully don’t see as much anymore. Do 13 year olds still play with dolls? 🤔<clueless>

RitaMills Sat 16-Dec-17 07:45:24

Cross post. I’d still give it to her, she could possible change her mind when she gets it. We got my DS a meccano robot last year, they are fun to build and quite cool once they are up and running. It’s the G15 one, not the cute little digital one you’ve got, the g15 is a bit freaky with its big googly eyes. confused

BigGreenOlives Sat 16-Dec-17 07:49:21

It could be she’s been talking to a different group at school & they’ve been rude about robots. Any change in her social group this week?

Mummyoflittledragon Sat 16-Dec-17 07:49:33

Meccano robot. I’d still give it to her and let her decide if she wants to build it or return it. I’m surprised that it’s freaky to a 13 yo. Maybe as a pp said, she’s trying to tell you it’s ok if you haven’t got it. Or maybe she’s momentarily freaked by something she saw on tv. Either way, I’d imagine she will get over it.

SquatBetty Sat 16-Dec-17 07:53:11

Not sure what this robot looks like but I'm guessing it's sort of human like? Talk to her about the 'Uncanny valley' hypothesis which might explain her 'freaking out'.

Taffeta Sat 16-Dec-17 07:54:59

Ignore her! I bought my 11 yo DD some wired Beats EP headphones in the BF sale. A few days later she said “I hope I haven’t been given headphones for Christmas”. I ignored her.

A week later, her existing half-working headphones gave up the ghost. (It wasn’t me!!!grin)

She’s now “I really hope I’m getting headphones for Christmas”.

Sagethyme Sat 16-Dec-17 07:55:13

I can understand why they freak out her tbh! But i'm assuming if it's meccano she gets to build it from scratch? In which case the freak factor may be reduced and may help to 'de-freak ' her? Is it something you could build together, and look at it as an engineering project?
I'd be tempted to give it to her with the proviso of when she opens it, if she really doesn't like it, you'll change it/ send it back/ put it on eBay. And get her something else....but I suspect when she opens it she'll enjoy the challenge of building it.

WhatHappenedToSunday Sat 16-Dec-17 08:01:10

Yearssssss ago I went off something I loved because a boy said he didnt like it :/
Maybe someone made a passing comment. I'd just casually say how much you love her interest in it and ask what changed. Still give her the gift

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