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To charge for electricity when lending house to neighbours?

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Frenchkippy Sat 16-Dec-17 02:29:54

We will be away over Christmas period and neighbour has hinted that her house will be overflowing. We are happy to help her out in lending rooms to her guests but can we ask for contributions toward heating etc? Heating will need to be on for the two weeks that we are not there (when it would otherwise be switched off). Without sounding mean to neighbour how can we ask that they or their family pay for it?

LaurieFairyCake Sat 16-Dec-17 02:45:42

shock arent you worried that things will get broken or stolen ?

rcit Sat 16-Dec-17 02:55:39

This is a bit reckless imo.
Never mind the heating bill, what about damaged stuff. Even if they are nice people, they could still break things by accident since they won’t be reading instructions for every item used in your house and won’t be used to it.

Mosaic123 Sat 16-Dec-17 02:56:26

You'd probably have to leave your heating system on low though, to stop it freezing.

LEELULUMPKIN Sat 16-Dec-17 02:57:05

Well if you are happy to trust total strangers with your most private sanctum and treasured possessions, register yourself of Airbnb and give her the link to your rates.

No way I would let strangers stay in my home and there is no way I would be able to relax especially over the Christmas period.

Your neighbour might be lovely but who knows what her relatives and possibly even friends are like?

If you do do it, I would strongly urge you to set security cameras up but there again, it's more expense on your part.

Just kindly mention local hotels or b&b's that you may have heard great reviews about.

Good luck whatever you decide!

echt Sat 16-Dec-17 03:02:57

You will need to mention this to your house/contents insurers or you will be so fucked if anything goes wrong.

1. Charge them for leccy/gas.
2. Charge them for the upgrade in your insurance.

Shadow666 Sat 16-Dec-17 03:11:08

Just decide how much contribution you’d like and say you’re happy for guests to stay in your house but would appreciate 40 pounds towards electricity. Not a big deal, I don’t think.

pisacake Sat 16-Dec-17 03:26:10

i would say no.

OtterInDisgrace Sat 16-Dec-17 03:35:58

What the actual fuck? Not only are you happy for STRANGERS to inhabit your most private space for a couple of weeks, just because your neighbours don’t have room, you also have to ASK if you should PAY for the privilege of them doing so?

What the fuck?

OtterInDisgrace Sat 16-Dec-17 03:37:14

The mind bottles.

pisacake Sat 16-Dec-17 03:38:35


Battleax Sat 16-Dec-17 03:40:01

You're crackers. Lovely, but crackers smile

OtterInDisgrace Sat 16-Dec-17 03:41:08

No, love. It was intentional.

In the film Blades of Glory Will Ferrell uses the term ‘the mind bottles’ and it’s obviously erroneous, and a joke. You haven’t seen it, I take it.

OtterInDisgrace Sat 16-Dec-17 03:41:31

That was to @pisacake.

Battleax Sat 16-Dec-17 03:46:11

Yeah, pisa, keep UP with the mind-reading skills and the nerdy encyclopaedic knowledge of cinematic jokes please! grin

OtterInDisgrace Sat 16-Dec-17 03:47:32

Er, no! Just don’t try to make other people look stupid if you don’t get the reference!

Frenchkippy Sat 16-Dec-17 03:47:58

I didn't mention that our neighbour has fed our cats many times when we have been away in exchange for gifts. . We absolutely adore her. We used to get her grandson to babysit our children - he was brilliant and we paid him. So we know the neighbour well. Daughter, partner and son have just arrived from the US. I feel I should offer the rooms to our neighbour who we have lovely relationship with as she has No room at hers. However, can I ask for contribution to bills?

sweetsomethings Sat 16-Dec-17 03:50:04

Yes ask

OtterInDisgrace Sat 16-Dec-17 03:50:13

Well, I think you’re crazy to do it as you don’t know them and you don’t owe them your house as payment.

If you do this, you should absolutely charge them for the fuel they use. And any other amenities.

Battleax Sat 16-Dec-17 03:50:34

Won't your insurance be invalidated OP? Mishaps increase at christmas.

(Otter I think she was just trying to help smile)

OtterInDisgrace Sat 16-Dec-17 03:51:55

Ok, Ms Ax. smile

spatchcock Sat 16-Dec-17 03:53:48

"In the film Blades of Glory Will Ferrell uses the term ‘the mind bottles’ and it’s obviously erroneous, and a joke. You haven’t seen it, I take it."

LOL at the esoteric film reference! grin

OP you are really nice to offer this. I would ask your neighbour to cover electricity costs, yes.

GypsyQueen Sat 16-Dec-17 03:55:21

don't do it...they could come in drunk and cause a fire or have sex in your bed.

OtterInDisgrace Sat 16-Dec-17 03:56:07

To be fair re Blades of Glory and The Mind Bottles - I wasn’t trying to be esoteric; it’s just one of those things you say between friends and it becomes a thing and then you say it elsewhere expecting it to be accepted for what it is.

It was funny at the time!

Gaudeamus Sat 16-Dec-17 03:57:49

It could invalidate your insurance or be against the terms of your mortgage to allow non-residents access to your house when you aren't there, especially strangers and especially if you're paid - make sure you check.

But yes, in principle I think it would be fine to charge since you're effectively renting your house out.

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