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Unemployed, job-hunting and feeling extremely down

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WellAlwaysHaveParis Fri 15-Dec-17 13:59:02

I've been job-hunting, on and off, since last November.

I only really really started job-hunting seriously from around this October onwards though. I'm not 100% sure about what I want to do, and I'm only at the entry-level job stage of a career, so I've been applying jobs that I like the sound of and which meet my skills and qualifications.

I've just heard that I've been rejected for a job that I had an interview for a couple of days ago. I was expecting the best and hoping for the best, anyway, but it still really hurts.

My family members are all getting quite frustrated that I haven't got anything yet. My Mum apparently is surprised that I haven't got anything yet, thinking that if I apply for anything and everything, I'll find a job eventually. Yes, that is partly true, but it's not guaranteed. I just feel like I've let everyone down. And I'm starting to get really worried, upset and frustrated. This is so shit. Sorry, I don't mean to come across as really pathetic and self-pitying. I just feel really worried now that I'm never going to get a job.

Thanks so much if you've read this far flowers

WellAlwaysHaveParis Fri 15-Dec-17 14:00:25

Whoops sorry - that should have said 'expecting the worst and hoping for the best' blush. I just feel like my family members think I'm not really trying when it comes to job-hunting. And I feel so fucking demotivated. It's so shit.

WellAlwaysHaveParis Fri 15-Dec-17 14:08:05

Bump blush

SilverySurfer Fri 15-Dec-17 14:10:35

Sorry you haven't managed to get a job yet, it can make you feel really disheartened. I don't know what sort of job you are hoping to get but have you thought about using an agency and temping? They usually have plenty of work and very often a temp job can lead to a permanent one.

Good luck finding a job very soon.

rainbowbreeze123 Fri 15-Dec-17 14:10:58

Try watching emplyable me, I found it quite inspirational and if I was looking for a job it would motivate me.. it is demoralising though ive been there in the past, sorry you didnt get the job you just had an interview for flowers

caringcarer Fri 15-Dec-17 14:12:36

If you can't get a permanent job try temping. This way you will get to try a variety of jobs and see what you like or are good at and you can always keep applying for a permanent job at the same time. At least your family would see you are really serious about finding a job and you will feel better getting out every day meeting mew people. Good luck and remember your Mum is just worried about you and wants what she thinks is best for you.

Tenshidarkangel Fri 15-Dec-17 14:16:01

Hang on, this is going to sound harsh but you've been unemployed since November 2016 and only started taking it seriously October 2017?

When I was unemployed, I was applying for 20 jobs A DAY. EVERY DAY. for 6 months straight before I got offered my job. Taking every training course I could find, every opportunity given to me.

You will find something but it takes effort. At Christmas, the job market is quiet till mid January but you now have a 12 month gap in your CV which you're going to have to explain. Try and find some free training courses online to do over Christmas to give your CV a boost and make full effort in Jan.

WellAlwaysHaveParis Fri 15-Dec-17 14:17:32

Thanks everyone for your replies. I've been doing tutoring since November last year. I had pretty bad depression for a few months since November, and a few other things to deal with. Received support for that. Then felt better and was applying for more jobs.

Honeycombcrunch Fri 15-Dec-17 14:23:16

You need to apply for every type of job, not just employment that matches your skills and qualifications. If it means working in retail or hospitality for a while that's what you need to do.

When you say entry level, do you mean graduate? Do you have any work experience other than tutoring?

Tenshidarkangel Fri 15-Dec-17 14:24:35

Hope these help:

Good Luck!

Chrys2017 Fri 15-Dec-17 14:25:52

So you've been job hunting for 6 weeks, basically.
That's not very long. Keep at it. If you aren't getting interviews, think about getting a professional to look at your CV. If you're getting interviews but not job offers, then look into getting some interview coaching.

Chrys2017 Fri 15-Dec-17 14:26:29

ten weeks. I forgot it was December!

Jerseysilkvelour Fri 15-Dec-17 14:29:13

For some reason, it's easier to get a job when you have a job already. So do some temping, apply for jobs outside your chosen field, anything that shows you're employable and willing to work. I think it looks better than when you're asked why you've been unemployed and you say you're waiting for the right job.

Good luck - it's never been tougher to get a job than it is now, so I think you need a lot of resilience.

WellAlwaysHaveParis Fri 15-Dec-17 14:44:13

Thank you so much everyone. I've already registered with a few different recruitment agencies (around ten or so, I think) so I'll ring them and ask if they have anything available.

I think interview coaching would be a really good idea as well - thank you.

I've started to get quite a few interviews, and find it quite hard to answer the competency questions. With answering the competency questions, I find it difficult to get a balance between answering all parts of the question fully and being concise.

WellAlwaysHaveParis Fri 15-Dec-17 14:46:16

I don't really have any other work experience apart from the tutoring. I worked as an English language assistant in French secondary schools on two occasions (during my gap year and during the year abroad on my degree), and also worked as a translations intern during my year abroad for a French law firm. I also started a teacher training course in summer 2016, but resigned last November blush

WellAlwaysHaveParis Fri 15-Dec-17 14:50:59

Wasn't able to work at university during term time due to university policy.

Rainbowandraindrops67 Fri 15-Dec-17 14:57:03

I think it looks bad you resigned from a course half way through

Can you redo the course now you are in a better place mentally? Tutor and volunteer/work as a teaching assistant until then

GlitterGlue Fri 15-Dec-17 15:02:36

Check out social media as well. There will probably be some jobs in x city groups, plus agencies and companies advertise vacancies there. In the last couple of weeks I’ve seen a few short term urgent vacancies shared, particularly for hospitality. Temp work can definitely be a good foot in the door and it’s a cv filler.

Jerseysilkvelour Fri 15-Dec-17 16:14:35

Interview coaching is a brilliant idea, interviewing well is a skill you can learn and hone. Especially those wretched competency based ones!

Appuskidu Fri 15-Dec-17 16:18:07

What sort of jobs are you applying for? Why did you leave teacher training?

WellAlwaysHaveParis Fri 15-Dec-17 16:32:36

@Appuskidu I left the teacher training course because I didn't feel supported by the school that I was with (I don't blame them in any way, I'm just explaining the situation as I saw it). It was very, very challenging school, and the course - as all teacher training courses are - was extremely demanding.

I felt extremely pressured and stressed, to the point where I became suicidal. If I'd carried on, I'm not sure what I would've actually done to cope and get through. In terms of my mental health situation, it was a life or death situation really.

VladmirsPoutine Fri 15-Dec-17 16:33:16

How old are you and are you fluent in French?

WellAlwaysHaveParis Fri 15-Dec-17 16:36:15

@Appuskidu I'm applying for jobs with charities and political organisations. I currently volunteer with Citizens Advice and with More United (a political organisation), which has been helpful and a great experience so far.

My main objective now is to work out I can find a paid entry-level job that is related to the work that I do with Citizens Advice and/or More United, if possible.

I did Languages at university rather than politics, and have no political experience yet. It seems like a few of the jobs that I've been applying for (parliamentary assistant roles, for example) prefer candidates with previous political experience, so I'm unsure how to break into that kind of area.

WellAlwaysHaveParis Fri 15-Dec-17 16:36:53

@VladmirsPoutine I'm 25 (turning 26 next month) and fully fluent in French, yes.

19lottie82 Fri 15-Dec-17 16:38:28

Another vote for temping.
As long as you’re well spoken, IT literate and have a bit of common sense you will get some admin temp work without a problem. Lots of temp jobs are long term And it’s often a foot in the door to a permenant role!

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