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To think FB sharing has REALLY gone beyond the pale now?

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CheapSausagesAndSpam Fri 15-Dec-17 03:31:28

I've noticed that people are sharing even more mundane things than EVER before.

I used to think photos of people's very average looking dinners were bad....think "ordinary plate of potatoes and meat" with comments like "MMMM! Been waiting all day for this"

Who cares?

Now people I know...perfectly bright people, with a good education etc...are posting shots of their frigging fireplace...then panning over to show what's on TELLY!

I'm looking at a similar view myself love! Just chill out and enjoy yourself...I'm going to post a video of me picking up dog poo on my walk or something in protest!

araiwa Fri 15-Dec-17 04:44:24

Maybe SOCIAL media isnt for you?

SPNWinchesterGirl Fri 15-Dec-17 04:44:40

Why do people care about what others out on FB? There's this option to stop following them or to get off the damned site. Or just scroll past. Geez! My friends on there post some of the weirdest, most boring crap but I don't think too much about it and keep on scrolling.

Bowerbird5 Fri 15-Dec-17 04:56:43

Exactly the reason I don't do Facebook!

CheapSausagesAndSpam Fri 15-Dec-17 05:23:15

Are the people who post this inane shite on here? Would anyone confess to it and explain why?

araiwa Fri 15-Dec-17 05:50:49

surely posting on mn about a picture of a fireplace on facebook is even more inane than the picture

CheapSausagesAndSpam Fri 15-Dec-17 06:17:15

Not really because my post could invite discussion or God forbid, a light-hearted banter! I think that's what I was really after.

pictish Fri 15-Dec-17 06:18:40

No I do agree. I often think, "Who exactly do you imagine is interested?" when people post about mundane stuff. Saw a status the other day that simply said, "Uh oh...hiccups." which is as mundane as it gets isn't it? What is one supposed to say about that?

AuntLydia Fri 15-Dec-17 06:19:48

Hasn't made it to my timeline yet thankfully! I would feel a right muppet sharing something like that. I wonder what the thought process is?!

CheapSausagesAndSpam Fri 15-Dec-17 06:19:58

Pictish exactly! People will post anything!

"Just licked a stamp...yuk"


"Glanced out of the window"

"Breathed again"....

CheapSausagesAndSpam Fri 15-Dec-17 06:21:09

Lydia I think it must be a need for interaction or to be noticed and acknowledged mustn't it?

The comments are things like "Oh cosy" or "We saw that film last week...great!"

So maybe it's lonlieness?

B0033 Fri 15-Dec-17 06:22:07

My ability to blink is off the hook.

CheapSausagesAndSpam Fri 15-Dec-17 06:23:48

I'm going to post that.


To see if anyone likes it!

Toadinthehole Fri 15-Dec-17 06:26:08

I'd rather see pictures of someone's dinner than cliched motivational quotes, clicktivism and videos of what someone's cat can do.

CheapSausagesAndSpam Fri 15-Dec-17 06:32:35

Well yes, that's another thread entirely.

I expect the posters of what's on television would say

"Dance like nobody's watching, post on facebook like nobody gives a shit" to that though.

speakout Fri 15-Dec-17 06:35:19

Not sure why it angers you.
You choose to engage with this.

I don't have a Facebook account.

CheapSausagesAndSpam Fri 15-Dec-17 06:36:27

Well I live abroad and FB is my connection to the UK. I can't unfriend some of these people without causing upset.

Splinterz Fri 15-Dec-17 06:38:30

Perhaps you need some different friends if your current ones aren't to your liking ? hmm

SandyBeachandtheDeckchairs Fri 15-Dec-17 06:44:11

I have unfollowed people who post that kind of thing op - I hate seeing people’s food too. Yanbu

hazeyjane Fri 15-Dec-17 06:48:08

Uh oh I have posted pictures of my tv twice in the last couple of weeks.

ProperLavs Fri 15-Dec-17 06:49:49

It saddens me that people are living their lives through sites such as face book rather than just getting on with living.
I will occasionally post pictures if I do something different with the kids ( other than beating them), go on holiday etc, but never on a mundane day to day basis.

neveradullmoment99 Fri 15-Dec-17 06:51:03

Yeh its sad. Do yourself a favour and quit facebook.

Ansumpasty Fri 15-Dec-17 06:52:27

I'm finding the opposite, people are sharing less and less. It's 'uncool' for younger generations to share much on Facebook. Snapchat/instastory, on the other hand, is acceptable. The Facebook Years are coming to an end, IMO

Oysterbabe Fri 15-Dec-17 06:56:43

From what I gather from various mumsnet threads she's doing Facebook completely correctly.

You can't post about nice things that have happened because that's braggy. But you also can't post about bad things that have happened because that's attention seeking. You need to aim for posts that will attract no interest or comments. Some examples:
I see the postman has a new van.
It's a bit cloudy today.
I'm going to try and get home in time for Emmerdale.

You can't post about things that you have like children or a new house because some people can't have children or buy a house. Before posting think about whether there is anything in your post that some people might not have, how your posts make every single other person on the planet feel is key.

Posting photos can be a bit of a minefield. You can post selfies as long as they aren't particularly flattering, maybe you have a slight doublechin or haven't put on any makeup. You can post food pictures as long as the food doesn't look very tasty and isn't expensive, chicken nuggets, overcooked oven chips and beans is fine.

I'm glad that there are people who are doing it right. With a bit of effort we can get Facebook back to it's true purpose, providing a dispassionate account of unremarkable events.

Lovestonap Fri 15-Dec-17 07:00:19

Some people (myself included) don't use Facebook as a place to show off so much as a memory bank.

At the end of each couple of years we order 'social books' which are printed books of all photos and captions. They're lovely for us, they've helped us capture some of the day to day stuff of having young kids as well as the holidays etc. They sit on our book shelves and we look at them like photo albums.

I post stuff on Facebook that I want to remember. If it bores other people, that's a shame but it's my life.

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