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AIBU to buy a gift when the invite says "No presents"?

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ElenaBothari Thu 14-Dec-17 12:40:07

I've been invited to a birthday party for a 3 year old that says "No presents" on the invite.

I know they live in a small flat, so worry about storage space and clutter. I thought I could take the kind of gift that gets up, like paint or craft supplies.

Just feels so rude to turn up with nothing, but then maybe it's ruder to ignore their wishes....

ElenaBothari Thu 14-Dec-17 12:40:24

Gets USED up, that should say.

FluffyMcCloud Thu 14-Dec-17 12:40:55

If it says no presents, don't take a present.

RoganJosh Thu 14-Dec-17 12:41:09

I’d go gift voucher or cash.

RaindropsAndSparkles Thu 14-Dec-17 12:42:12

Respect the request.

Bambamber Thu 14-Dec-17 12:42:37

I would be rather annoyed if I specified no presents and someone turned up with a present. Especially knowing they live in a small flat. If you're that bothered take a card and pop a gift card inside

Bobbins43 Thu 14-Dec-17 12:43:05

If they've said no presents, don't take presents.

TrojansAreSmegheads Thu 14-Dec-17 12:43:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LostInShoebiz Thu 14-Dec-17 12:43:53

Vouchers or cash if you absolutely must but no physical gifts if they've said no and have limited space.

ElenaBothari Thu 14-Dec-17 12:44:40

Don't know why a voucher didn't occur to me, that's genius!

Thanks all, I will go with a voucher in a card.

FadedRed Thu 14-Dec-17 12:44:42

I would put some money in a card.

crumbsinthecutlerydrawer Thu 14-Dec-17 12:47:16

I think vouchers are just as bad as taking a present when you’ve been asked not too. Personally, I hate vouchers because you’re committed to spending money in a particular shop and for a 3yo old it’ll either be clothes/toy shops and they obviously don’t want any of those things.

If you really can’t not give anything a book token or money that they can do with as they wish might be ok.

pawsies Thu 14-Dec-17 12:49:20

Restaurant voucher?

LolaTheDarkdestroyer Thu 14-Dec-17 12:51:04

Money is a present though so is a voucher...people that put this are angling for money I would take fuck all.

ElenaBothari Thu 14-Dec-17 12:51:21

So maybe just stick a tenner in a card, with a note saying hope they can use it to do something fun?

It's a party at a soft play, with lunch and they've already mentioned goody bags and I just feel like they're spending a lot and it's so rude to give them nothing.....

But a tenner can't be rude surely, even if they don't want presents?

ElenaBothari Thu 14-Dec-17 12:52:19

I don't think thy are angling for money as there's just a blunt "No presents." on a line on its own, none of that twee poetry or "no boxed gifts" that usually let you know people want cash.

Bitchywaitress Thu 14-Dec-17 12:52:21

'No presents' ON an actual invitation is really quite rude OP.

TrojansAreSmegheads Thu 14-Dec-17 12:53:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Chaosofcalm Thu 14-Dec-17 12:53:58

I would not give a gift as they clearly don’t want them, could be issue if space or just not wanting their child to have too much stuff.

If you want to give something five then some money for their piggy bank is savings.

TrojansAreSmegheads Thu 14-Dec-17 12:54:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Aridane Thu 14-Dec-17 12:54:14

people that put this are angling for money

Really? I would just be taking this at face value

danTDM Thu 14-Dec-17 12:55:52

They've asked for no presents, they don't want presents. Yes, YABU to them and other guests.

I've said no presents before, I meant it. I had my reasons.

crumbsinthecutlerydrawer Thu 14-Dec-17 12:56:32

Forget what I said before, just take a card. If they are angling for money, they’ve not done it right and they’ll have learned a lesson for next year.

danTDM Thu 14-Dec-17 12:57:17

I really don't think they're hinting for money.

They just want... no presents

TinyTear Thu 14-Dec-17 12:58:44

i am going to a party for a 3yo this saturday that says "no presents" but they are asking for donations instead to a charity close to their heart/family so I donated instead...

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