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To go back to my warm bed until lunchtime?

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Scabbersley Thu 14-Dec-17 10:38:09

I've got a bit of a cold.
I have taken dcs to school and fed the animals.
It's horrible outside.
My bedroom is warm and cosy.

DH will be very sulky if he knew as he's also knackered but has to go to work.

MoistCantaloupe Thu 14-Dec-17 10:39:05

If you have a cold and need to rest, nothing wrong with that!
And just don't tell DH if it will upset him.

MagicFajita Thu 14-Dec-17 10:40:42

Do it!

chickenowner Thu 14-Dec-17 10:41:01

Do it!!

chickenowner Thu 14-Dec-17 10:41:33

Snap grin

softkittywarmkitty28 Thu 14-Dec-17 10:43:05

I wish!

SpartonDregs Thu 14-Dec-17 10:44:11

How will he know? Do it. I am not feeling ill, have a day off and I was tempted. But the sunny day here means I am just about to go do some digging in the garden.

Scabbersley Thu 14-Dec-17 10:44:47

It's pouring with rain a d freezing here.

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