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To wonder if this person was fishing - online chat

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OldBook Thu 14-Dec-17 04:56:57

I could be massively overthinking this but wonder if iabu.

Online chat with someone I have a strange history with and was nc with until very recently. The conversation is bouncing back and forth then I asked ‘how are you anyway?’ They didn’t reply for over 90 mins then all I got was “I’m ok”.

Was this fishing for something or am I massively overthinking? (Possible) I didn’t respond as didn’t know what to say and the next conversation was much less warm

Fatso1978 Thu 14-Dec-17 05:43:19

Umm.... maybe they have a life other than chatting online? They may well have been busy.

Do you always need to read more into something?

How can any of us know what this person was thinking?

fastfrank Thu 14-Dec-17 05:44:33

Maybe they went for a really long shit

MyOtherProfile Thu 14-Dec-17 05:56:05

Maybe they were busy and actually are ok. I'd take it at face value but given that they didn't then ask you back how you are I think I'd drop the chat.

OldBook Thu 14-Dec-17 05:58:04

Ha! Point taken. Iabu and overthinking.

Social media makes me anxious as I can’t read thIngs so need to use it less

MyOtherProfile Thu 14-Dec-17 06:01:57

Think most people would say the same. It's great so long as you keep focusing on the real life aspect of relationships.

harrypotternerd Thu 14-Dec-17 08:32:09

I have been known to not reply for hours sometimes because I have kids, volunteer, run the house and have a life outside of social media.

OldBook Thu 14-Dec-17 08:43:01

I feel silly having started this thread at all. It was only odd as they were still online is all.

But I am overthinking it!

Trills Thu 14-Dec-17 08:47:18

They got distracted by something in RL
Realised it was rude to have written nothing
But didn't want to restart the conversation

Bendyandtheinkmachine Thu 14-Dec-17 09:29:27

Sometimes my DH is shown online when he is lying next to me asleep so I don't think that is always accurate!

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