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To ask friends to bring food

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Sparebutton Thu 14-Dec-17 00:29:24

I invited six friends to come over for dinner on New Years Eve. It's a bit of a tradition that they always come to ours. DH and I enjoy cooking and we usually do quite a formal meal, with starter, main course, pudding etc.

But last weekend, I broke my wrist and won't be able to cook. I don't want DH to have to do it all, as he's got to do all of Christmas now. I don't want to cancel, but was thinking of asking my guests if they could all bring a dish to share this year. Is that rude or ok?

twotired Thu 14-Dec-17 00:30:30

I'd say it's ok given the circumstances tbh and would offer anyway, especially if you do it every year.

Hope your wrist heals soon thanks

TrojansAreSmegheads Thu 14-Dec-17 00:30:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Milkandtwosugarsplease Thu 14-Dec-17 00:31:59

I don’t think it’s rude at all. They’ll probably feel better about coming and won’t be worried about you overdoing it. Bring and share meals are always lovely. Enjoy smile

DramaAlpaca Thu 14-Dec-17 00:32:07

I think that's fine, not rude at all especially in the circumstances. I'm sure when you explain why your friends will be happy to help out. I would anyway.

MiddleClassProblem Thu 14-Dec-17 00:34:03

YANBU! You broke your wrist! Anyone not whiling to help out under the circumstances (and how lovely of you to do this every year) is a twat. Which I’m sure your friends are not!

MiddleClassProblem Thu 14-Dec-17 00:35:21

Also they have plenty of warning to figure out what they will bring

Leeds2 Thu 14-Dec-17 00:55:43

I don't think that would be unreasonable at all.

FluffyWuffy100 Thu 14-Dec-17 00:56:55

Fine given the warning.

Ginkypig Thu 14-Dec-17 01:05:37

There's plenty of notice so I wouldn't mind

The rest of you might be disappointed by my abilities though!

AnnieAnoniMouse Thu 14-Dec-17 01:09:43

Another option would to be to see if they’d rather chip in to get ‘at home’ caterers. I’ve never tried it, but in your situation it could be fun.

Definitely ok to ask them to bring something might start to be the new normal instead of you doing it all!

Sorry to hear about your wrist 🌷

SheGotBetteDavisEyes Thu 14-Dec-17 01:16:34

Totally fine! People usually like to know that they can help in some practical way.

Get well soon OP

ProseccoMamam Thu 14-Dec-17 01:33:10

Not rude, you're hosting they should bring something whether your ill or not.

iboughtsnowboots Thu 14-Dec-17 01:44:43

It's not rude at all, I would hope your friends might offer when they know what has happened. If they don't it might just be they are a little over awed by your cooking skills !

PanPanPanPing Thu 14-Dec-17 06:04:25

YANBU, it's absolutely fine to ask that.

Or you could ask people if they're happy to chip in for a takeaway - curry or Chinese or whatever?

Sparebutton Thu 14-Dec-17 09:13:24

Thanks everyone. You're right! I'll email them all today. Xx

Blackteadrinker77 Thu 14-Dec-17 09:17:00

I've had to do the same this year. I cater for 12 on Christmas day, the full works. I spend weeks prepping.
This year I'm having surgery so asked everyone to bring a buffet. No-one has minded, people are even coming the day before to help DH clean the house before I get out of hospital.
Enjoy them running after you.

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