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To write Christmas cards for the neighbours?

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Grimmfebruary Tue 12-Dec-17 23:48:58

Dp and I just moved into our house. Previous tenants were absolute nightmares, police called out on regular basis, family effing and blinding at each other out windows etc.

I thought it would be polite to send Christmas cards out to the neighbours as I don't know them and want to look polite and friendly - but we have moved not far from dp's parents so dp knows the majority of the neighbours.

Aibu to send them anyway? Or would it just look odd. As I don't know anyone's names and was going to just put 'merry Christmas!' On the envelopes 😂

Swirlingasong Tue 12-Dec-17 23:53:54

Sending Christmas cards is a lovely thing to do, but if your dp knows the neighbours, surely he knows their names so you can address the cards to them?

Tantpoke Tue 12-Dec-17 23:53:57

Unless you live in London then no it's not an odd thing to do.

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower Tue 12-Dec-17 23:54:32

Do it!

Christmas cards are the only reason I knew my neighbours names! Did exactly what you're planning to do, and got lots back with names and house numbers in the cards.

OhforfucksakeFay Tue 12-Dec-17 23:55:58

Write No 5 on the envelope
And "Dear all at No 5"
From your neighbours Jane and John at No 11

You'll get one back from the nice ones with their names and house number and then you'll know your neighbours names

slimyslitheryslug Tue 12-Dec-17 23:56:06

I just put the house number on the card so they know it's for them. Any you get in return should be kept so you can refer to them throughout the year when you need to know someone's name.

Grimmfebruary Wed 13-Dec-17 00:04:30

I just don't want to look like I'm being overly familiar with some of the ones my dp knows but I wouldn't know at all!

The previous tenants were horrible and I just don't want to be tarred with the same brush (and also in our last home none of the neighbours would speak to us as they didn't like the couple we were renting from 😒). Also the lady next door is quite old and I don't want her thinking she's going to have a repeat of the last lot.

OhforfucksakeFay Wed 13-Dec-17 07:23:00

Nobody would think a Xmas card is over familiar!

Splinterz Wed 13-Dec-17 07:29:48

Unless you live in London then no it's not an odd thing to do.

I live in London and amazement neighbourly Christmas cards are sent here. We aren't a rural back water you know.

TDHManchester Wed 13-Dec-17 07:33:18

Yes do send. It is often the only time neighbours communicate. Sad i know. Receiving such a card reassures others that you are all like minded and spreads a little love, peace and security. Lord knows we need more of that.

Grimmfebruary Wed 13-Dec-17 09:33:30

I think I will smile I'll just put 'merry Christmas, number x' on each one (apart from the few I know' haha.

ChristmasFOG Wed 13-Dec-17 09:37:11

I've always sent Christmas card to all the neighbours when I've moved somewhere new - great way of getting to know names.

Last time I moved anywhere was 15 years ago though when most people still did Christmas cards - think I would still do it now though.

DeccaMitfordsEntryVisa Wed 13-Dec-17 09:41:02

A big yes. It is a great thing to do.

Iwanttobe8stoneagain Wed 13-Dec-17 09:56:19

Yes absolutely it’s how I hot to know my neighbours names!

HelloSunshine11 Wed 13-Dec-17 10:01:32

It's not weird at all! I sent them in our first year in our house and still do. When I didn't know their names I'd put words to the effect of "To all at no 27, Merry Christmas from X,Y and Z at 31".

echt Wed 13-Dec-17 10:02:53

Do it. No-one will take offence, and many will be looking for a reason to contact you. More importantly, it's in the spirit of the season of goodwill.

I still send NDN cards to my neighbours in London, my last Au rental, and all my present lovely neighbours who came out of the woodwork in a stalwart style the my DH died.

Fiona1984 Wed 13-Dec-17 10:03:13

We are planning on doing exactly this! Moved in mid year, and my immediate neighbours are lovely, and I also know one from across the road's name, but that is all.
It's very much a village mentality around here though, everyone knows everyone.

Ellendegeneres Wed 13-Dec-17 10:04:30

I'm in London, I do our neighbours Christmas cards. Friendly area, we've been here years and it's rare anyone moves

peachgreen Wed 13-Dec-17 10:18:08

I always send cards to new neighbours (and I did so in London too!)

DontCallMeJohnBoy Wed 13-Dec-17 12:15:43

Go for it. You can write them "from your new neighbours at no. 23 - Janet and John" so they know you're definitely not the previous tenants trying to be sociable.

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