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AIBU to not be able to cope with constant work rota changes (getting ridiculous now)

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alltoomuchrightnow Tue 12-Dec-17 23:18:42

Now at the point where they are changing rota on the actual day I'm due in (for that actual day, I mean, but not contacting me about it )

I started as a Christmas temp for a well known large retailer. Before my interview I filled a form to list my hours/days I could do. They knew I had another job (ad hoc and can mainly work from home, but that's not the point) and they seemed fine with that as that's common for a temp to have other work. For the first week or so they basically stuck to what I'd listed.
I'm nearly two months in and now the rota changes most days. I have taken to photographing it most days but to no avail as this means nothing to them even though when I started I was advised to do this. When I can I try to accommodate them but it's not always possible, I'm not local and have other commitments, not just other job, but I have certainly gone the extra mile for them. I will often come in an hour or two early, or stay late (I'm no stranger to busy retail as had three decades in it, though am not used to a big store like this)
Today I arrived to start my 5pm shift, only to be reprimanded, why wasn't I here at midday. This has happened two days running if I'd deliberately turn up that late for two days! I checked the rota that is pinned to wall...I am definitely down for 5pm start. I'm told that the rota constantly changes and that I should have been told the change (I never have in my whole time here). My point is, if I can't go by the rota pinned to the wall, and I'm not verbally told any changes, what am I meant to do?! Get the crystal ball out? I was talked to like dirt, as if I was a naughty schoolgirl playing hookey. You know when someone is listening to you and nodding but you know they think you are lying? (very fake body language) . I kept telling them I had photographed the rota daily (at end of day.. late at night!) and nothing had ever been said to me re changes. (occasionally I notice myself and question it but not this week as it's the same print out as it was weeks ago) I was then told to go and talk it through with the manager and the person who does the rota (to explain myself) . I did but I shouldn't have to keep justifying myself and it also made me late to start my shift. They were vague and passed the buck. (It is telling that the manager has recently passed doing the rota to a team leader as he found it too stressful). I was told that 'it's Christmas' (Oh really!) and 'everyone MUST work extra hours'. But I am, I've done loads of extra shifts inc coming in on days off, also work extra late every night, unpaid (not just me I should add).
I have been as flexible as can be and frequently changed plans and appointments but it's doing me in. And when I can't accommodate I'm made to feel that I'm a 'special snowflake' (hate those words but best way to describe it) as everyone else does it. Made to feel guilty. But I'm late 40s , the rest of staff are mainly school leavers, far more flexible and live local (I don't). I was only meant to be doing 16 hours a week , I said I could only do part time and I'm already doing 35- 40 for them so I'm hardly saying no to extra work!
So am I BU to not be able to cope with constant rota changes? But most of all, when I'm never informed.
I'm actually feeling almost victimised as they seem to be covering for each other, saying they told me about rota changes (even though they have not always physically printed out a new amended rota, or spoke to me) It's their word against mine and of course I'm the newbie.
I have awful anxiety and depression (although hide this well at work.. you wouldn't know if saw me with customers) and it's really getting to me... not sleeping, getting mouth ulcers (rare for me) and run down.

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 12-Dec-17 23:19:04

Sorry so long but obviously needed to get that off chest!

StealthPolarBear Tue 12-Dec-17 23:21:52

They are idiots. You shouldn't be expected to work like this. I'm guessing if you had a choice you wouldn't sad

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 12-Dec-17 23:26:34

True , Stealth. I can't quit this close to Christmas and am contracted for another 6 weeks, which I need as then on holiday (they are meant to be deciding right now if they are going to keep me on....hmm). Also telling that half my fellow temps have left. I don't think because of the rota but certainly with one of them it was because of having no breaks and doing unpaid time each day

Singlebutmarried Tue 12-Dec-17 23:28:51

Is it a contract with an end date? I.e is the end in sight?

Not that that should make a difference as whoever is in charge of the rota should be informing the line managers and the line manager cascading the information down.

All you can do is check when you leave for the following day, (I’d probably take a selfie with the rota visible so it’s time stamped)

I’d then collate all this and send it to the HR team.

None of that helps you on the short term, but I think they’re taking the proverbial.

Singlebutmarried Tue 12-Dec-17 23:29:54

Also sounds like they’re breaking a few employment laws? Unpaid overtime? Do you get time in lieu?

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 12-Dec-17 23:30:31

I do wonder if they are taking advantage as they know I don't have children, and because I'm a temp... as I don't see them treating perm staff like this (though I can't guarantee they don't..I have spoken to one and they said yes the rota is often changed, but they always inform you) . The few perm staff with DC seem to stick completely to their hours...the others as I said are school leavers and don't have the commitments others do. I am a very busy person and I just can't cope with this but most of all, being made to feel bad about 'unknown' rota changes. Honestly - they were cross with me today for being 'hours late' again. My background is actually retail management! I have never experienced anything like this

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 12-Dec-17 23:32:14

Single, no. It's 'to be expected' this time of year. Breaks you can't take as too busy, and then an extra hour at the end of each day to tidy up when shop is closed..this is unpaid. It's very much played on, we are a team, we all do it, just get on with it, your colleagues are doing it. I was always happy to do this as a manager ,(I always did a stupid amount of unpaid overtime) but as a mere lowly paid temp it is rather crap to say the least

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 12-Dec-17 23:32:56

Single yes, end date is end of Jan but they are apparently deciding right now who to keep on

alltoomuchrightnow Tue 12-Dec-17 23:37:38

I just wanted to hear that I wasn't being difficult. I can understand sometimes the need for rota change but not as much as this and certainly not to be reprimanded for what I am not informed of.
I have a lot to deal with right now at home/ personal life. My father is ill and just been diagnosed with a disease. I"m trying to juggle everything inc other job and eBay business etc and home life. Hope this won't out me but my car was written off last week by someone who fled the scene. So I have that to sort out too as I'm having to rely on lifts or car borrowing and I'm not local. I've told them this and they don't care. I actually went to work straight after the crash (neighbour took me in) shaken up and got no thanks at all.
This is not a company I feel I want to work for, if they want to take me on (they have hinted that they do)

StealthPolarBear Tue 12-Dec-17 23:58:11

I'm so sorry.
Tjey do have th e right contact details don't they? Sure you've heckled and actually it wouldn't be OK even if they did tell you

alltoomuchrightnow Wed 13-Dec-17 00:02:43

yes they do, they've texted and rang me a few times, but they are meant to inform verbally in person re rota changes and this has NEVER happened. Also now at point where they seem to be making the rota changes IN THEIR ACTUAL HEADS as I have not been told, nor has the rota been amended or reprinted. I am basically being scapegoat, it's obvious to me the new rota planner is not doing her job properly. The manager even admitted to me before, that he'd handed it over to her as he found it too stressful and wanted to wash his hands off it

HelenaDove Wed 13-Dec-17 00:16:23

They are shits OP But you know that already If they want more proof that you wernt told about the most recent rota could always upload the latest photographic proof you have on to Twitter and tag them in!!!!

HelenaDove Wed 13-Dec-17 00:17:18

Stealth you should have seen her other thread about these fuckers.

Mxyzptlk Wed 13-Dec-17 00:29:08

If you have a photo of the rota on your phone, it will be date & time stamped. If they want to claim they told you it was changed, surely it's up to them to prove that.

They're clearly treating people like crap because they know the people are desperate to keep their jobs, at least for a few weeks.

Try to stay calm and keep repeating to them "No-one told me the rota was changed."

There's nothing else you can do, I don't think, if you don't have a top-of-the-range crystal ball.

alltoomuchrightnow Wed 13-Dec-17 00:35:05

hi Helena, yep it's not getting any better there!

HelenaDove Wed 13-Dec-17 00:40:48

They really believe in goodwill to all men eh???!!! Seems to be a lot of fuckwittery about at this time of year.

TheHodgeHeg Wed 13-Dec-17 00:42:13

If you're doing unpaid overtime and not taking breaks you should work out whether minimum wage requirements are being met. It sounds shit.

IvorBiggun Wed 13-Dec-17 00:45:10

If you’re working unpaid overtime are you even getting minimum wage?

The sound a right shower and utterly unreasonable.

Ladiva1971 Wed 13-Dec-17 00:50:40

Wow. What company do you work for? If I may ask

alltoomuchrightnow Wed 13-Dec-17 00:51:42

Ladiva, I don't want to out myself totally but a well known retailer that sells items inc 'top brands' at discount (cheapie department store basically)

alltoomuchrightnow Wed 13-Dec-17 00:52:02

It's just slightly over min wage as a temp

MrRayaUmasTurban Wed 13-Dec-17 00:52:51

Boots, then?

GingerbreadMa Wed 13-Dec-17 00:55:10

Yeah. That's retail.

alltoomuchrightnow Wed 13-Dec-17 00:58:28

no not Boots, worked for them 19 years ago, the only other large retailers I've worked for...not great but better than this one and had regular breaks etc

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