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Can someone explain why everything is 'Happy Holidays' and not Merry Christmas?!

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FoodieFood Mon 11-Dec-17 12:27:01

'Happy Holidays' seems to be everywhere this year, from Christmas cards, banners in shops and windows etc, and I'm a bit baffled because last year is was all 'Merry Christmas' as it has been forever; why the change?!

Someone at work said it's because 'Merry Christmas' could be deemed as offensive but couldn't explain why, and I've racked my brains but I genuinely cannot think of how this could be deemed as offensive! fhmm

Am I missing something or have people just changed from Merry to Happy...?

TrojansAreSmegheads Mon 11-Dec-17 12:28:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

megletthesecond Mon 11-Dec-17 12:29:08

I've not seen it over here yet.

It's an American thing I believe, Thanksgiving to Christmas is their 'holiday' season.

Rufustherenegadereindeer1 Mon 11-Dec-17 12:29:37

Same here

Completely surrounded by merry/happy/joyful Christmas

Not to say i havent seen the odd seasons greetings

But just Christmas seems to be in the vast majority

RebornSlippy Mon 11-Dec-17 12:29:41

Because not everyone celebrates Christmas, but most have holidays. An Americanism that has bleeded through and incorporates all faiths and creeds.

Also, the happiness isn't just for Christmas Day. It's a week long - 10 day happiness fest. Even if forced.

CruCru Mon 11-Dec-17 12:30:10

Hmm. It’s not something I’ve noticed.

I can’t imagine why anyone would find “Merry Christmas” offensive. Even if they don’t celebrate themselves.

FrizzyNoodles Mon 11-Dec-17 12:31:35

Happy holidays covers various celebrations including Christmas. Wishing someone merry Christmas isn't offensive- that's a daily mail/Britain first myth.

TrojansAreSmegheads Mon 11-Dec-17 12:31:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Glowerglass Mon 11-Dec-17 12:31:43

I haven't seen that at all. All Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas here.

curryforbreakfast Mon 11-Dec-17 12:31:44

I think you've imagined a problem in order to complain about it. Nothing has changed.

MorrisZapp Mon 11-Dec-17 12:33:14

I'm seeing Christmas everywhere. Haven't seen happy holidays anywhere.

LaurieFairyCake Mon 11-Dec-17 12:34:07

Because every religion has shit going on over the next 6 weeks and Happy Holidays includes everyone


fuzzywuzzy Mon 11-Dec-17 12:34:22

Whereabouts are you? It’s all merry Christmas around here too

Iruka Mon 11-Dec-17 12:34:48

Where are you that this is happening? Nothing has changed here. But racists pretend it happens every year so they can complain about it

Runningoutofusernames Mon 11-Dec-17 12:35:20

Be sure you've been watching too much fox news and are looking to be offended? hmm We're in a pretty diverse area of London and it's Christmas all over.
But really can't see the issue either way, I'm Christian but loads aren't and might be more included by happy holidays. Or we could go back to pagan roots and call it midwinter festival or summat? Worth it just to annoy the trump mob...

Sanshin Mon 11-Dec-17 12:35:41

Ive not noticed this. Sounds like something "Britain First" would paste all over Facebook.

Glumglowworm Mon 11-Dec-17 12:36:02

Have only seen this bollocks on Britain First type Facebook posts shared by people who are promptly unfriended/unfollowed

Merry Christmas

FoodieFood Mon 11-Dec-17 12:36:13

Thanks all for replying; re PP, that does actually make sense, saying 'Happy Holidays' for those who don't celebrate Christmas but still have the holiday period off!

I get why someone would say that to someone who doesn't celebrate Christmas or is of a different faith, but god knows why I was told 'Merry Christmas' would be offensive... fhmm

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Mon 11-Dec-17 12:36:18

Where are you? It's nothing but Merry/Happy Christmas here...

Lockheart Mon 11-Dec-17 12:37:22

Happy Holidays is American isn't it?

I'm in London and it's 'Merry Christmas' in our office window, on the cups from the coffee shops, from the numerous people in the streets handing out magazines / leaflets for gyms etc, it's what I see hanging on bunting in people's windows, in shops, on Christmas jumpers....

Where on earth are you seeing 'Happy Holidays'? Are you sure you're not in the USA?

FoodieFood Mon 11-Dec-17 12:37:24

And for PP I'm up north near the border; might just be up here that it's happening!

Cantuccit Mon 11-Dec-17 12:37:32

Interesting second post, OP fhmm

Americans use Happy Holidays as a catch-all for Christian, Jewish and Kwanzaa rituals.

Please don't seem to create division by posting such threads. The furore around the Tesco a date featuring a Muslim family was bad enough.

WorraLiberty Mon 11-Dec-17 12:38:48

You were probably told it would be offensive because some dimwit read it on Facebook/Twitter etc.

I have no idea where you are but the vast majority of cards here say Merry Christmas.

And that's despite living in a massively diverse part of East London.

Eolian Mon 11-Dec-17 12:40:37

Presumably it's from America, where you get Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and also a lot of people celebrating Hanukkah all in the winter holiday season, so it covers everything. I haven't noticed it in the UK though. I'm in the NW of England.

PickAChew Mon 11-Dec-17 12:43:04

Season's greetings, OP. I got you a present.

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