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To HATE Trump

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Trumpisanightmare Fri 08-Dec-17 22:54:33

I mean, I am so so angry with him. How can one man cause so much hate, so many problems, ruin so many good things, and cause such problems in the Middle East.

I hate him. I want to do something, but don't know what. Are there some petitions out there I can sign? Marches I can go on? How do we stand up against this narcissistic, racist bleep bleep bleep who is ruining everything and causing bloodshed???

lackingimagination Sun 10-Dec-17 03:00:47

I often wonder this but come to the conclusion that there is nothing I can do other than sit it out. This may sound ridiculous but I sometimes get on the verge of tears when I think about him and this whole situation. Just HOW? How is this happening in my lifetime? I am so angry, and the anger hasn't alleviated one bit in the last year. I honestly can't put my feelings into words.

TakemedowntoPotatoCity Sun 10-Dec-17 03:15:02

He incites violence on an almost daily basis, so have the biggest YANBU I've ever given.

RochelleGoyle Sun 10-Dec-17 03:48:08

Of course YANBU. I still struggle to accept that he has been allowed to behave the way he has. And he just gets worse.

Nik2015 Sun 10-Dec-17 03:58:31

Nope, he's an idiot!
I blame the simpsons...

WhatToDoAboutThis2017 Sun 10-Dec-17 04:01:27

There's nothing you can do. Not a single thing you do will have any effect on how long Trump is president for.

BradleyPooper Sun 10-Dec-17 04:06:39

This isn't going to help then....

Christmascardqueen Sun 10-Dec-17 04:16:28

The Middle East problems were there long before Trump.

ethelfleda Sun 10-Dec-17 04:51:45

Trump is indeed a completely evil twat.
However, I've heard a few theories that the world cannot be repaired until it is truly broken. Having trump as the US president means the world is broken.

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Sun 10-Dec-17 05:04:59

The Middle East problems were there long before Trump

Yes they were but every other president, uk prime minster, Canadian prime minster and other prime minster or president of such a powerful country has done their best to calm things rather than deliberately go and acknowledge such a disputed and well known disputed territory as the capital of one side and only one side!

I can't decide wether he's actually very clever and he does these things dilibrately, or as thick as shit and really doesn't understand the implications of the things he says and especially tweets.

His tweets make me so so so angry, some times I can't resist looking at them but when I do I just feel the red mist decent.

One things for sure he's self centred, he really can't understand there's two opinions to everything, people that disagree with him aren't lying, fake, idiots, rude or anything else. They are just of a different way of thinking.

The whole tweeting May to tell her she was wrong for saying his RTs were dangerous which well they are, and instead of apologising and saying I didn't know what Britain first was basically told her she was wrong. It was only when the British ambassador in America complained to the Whitehorse did they come out and said oh he didn't understand.

Not the biggest fan of Hilary but seriously it's not about making America great again it's about trumps ego

FireCracker2 Sun 10-Dec-17 07:43:19

I had to smile at the irony of this thread.You HATE Trump for hating people!

speakout Sun 10-Dec-17 07:47:23

You have to accept him.

He was voted in as president, he seems to be lasting the term, there are processes to have him ousted but so far this has not happened so therefore there are many others who support his views.
He is not acting in isolation.

FireCracker2 Sun 10-Dec-17 07:49:02

To clarify, I am no fan of Trump, but he has an Ivy League degree and has so much business success over such a sustained period that he cannot be stupid.I did wonder if he is autistic though.That could explain a lot

LizzieSiddal Sun 10-Dec-17 07:53:25

Firecracker your post is highly offensive.

Autism does not explain why someone is an evil warmonger.

Also you can go to an Ivy League uni and be a hate filled, racist cunt. Intelligence has nothing to do with it.

Humpsfor20yards Sun 10-Dec-17 07:56:29

I am no fan of Trump, but he has an Ivy League degree and has so much business success over such a sustained period that he cannot be stupid

Of course he can be stupid. And business successes? He started out as a multi-millionaire and has gone bankrupt several times.

He is a loathsome cunt.
Who many people voted for.

PrincessoftheSea Sun 10-Dec-17 07:58:13


Unfinishedkitchen Sun 10-Dec-17 08:00:58

Firecracker2 are you the taking the piss? Any rich child can get an Ivy League qualification. His dad probably donated towards a library.

Business success? His dad gave him a $1m to get into real estate investment. Once you buy lots of prime NY real estate, it’s almost impossible to lose money but he’s been declared bankrupt at least 3 times!

He’s such a bad investment that normal US banks will no longer lend to him so he’s had to go abroad for loans i.e Russia.

Trump wants to draw attention away from the Russian investigation and wants to play to the base which includes American evangelicals who believe that declaring Jerusalem the capital will cause a holy war and bring the end of days when Jesus will return and select his chosen ones to sit with him in heaven. In addition his arrogant son in law who believes a Harvard degree is all you need to become a ME negotiator is completely out of his depth.

KERALA1 Sun 10-Dec-17 08:01:43

Friends dh spent a day with him a few years ago.working on something with him. He was really nice apparently. I cling to that because I so agree op and feel so powerless.

How have humans - with so many amazing people to choose from - elevated trump and putin as worlds most powerful people? Triumph of toxic masculinity.

Humpsfor20yards Sun 10-Dec-17 08:03:04

He wants war. He wants people dead. Staggering behaviour from a president- and I don't think it's 'ironic' or 'smiley' that people find him abhorrent.

whosafraidofabigduckfart Sun 10-Dec-17 08:05:49


He is as dumb as a box of rocks.
Plenty of stupid people get into good colleges due to connections in the US

He has declared bankruptcy many times and his wealth is inherited.

He stiffs contractors etc and most American banks abandoned him years ago which is why he’s been investigated for links to Russia (via deutche bank)

Aparently he’s dogged though, once a lie is stuck in his head (thank you Fox and his hangers on) no amount of reality or facts can change that

He’s completely out of his depth on the White House hence comments like ‘who knew healthcare was so complicated’

whosafraidofabigduckfart Sun 10-Dec-17 08:06:46

Unfinished - snap

makeourfuture Sun 10-Dec-17 08:24:54

Democracy allows us to fix our mistakes. Trump was a bad one.

The midterm elections are coming up soon and hopefully we will see mass rejection of those who support him.

If, instead, we see the opposite, deeper questions about the nature of US society must be asked.

PerkingFaintly Sun 10-Dec-17 08:48:15

he seems to be lasting the term


It's a bit previous to say that about any president less than a year in, but particularly inappropriate about someone whose inner circle are being arrested and charged at the rate of this one.

divorcenightmare Sun 10-Dec-17 09:00:09

He's a Grade A twat. I try not to think about him.


OuaisMaisBon Sun 10-Dec-17 09:17:38

You are my people! I despair daily about Trump, he is horrifying, an evil monster more concerned with undoing the good done by President Obama (presumably because he is black?) and propping up the top 1% of billionaires than with the welfare of the people who have to suffer his idiocies. I am also, unfortunately, fixated to his daily doings in the same way as a rubber-necker at a fatal multi-car pile up in fog on the M1.

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