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To ask what's your comfy,perfect Christmas day.

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Efnisien Thu 07-Dec-17 22:26:49

Just that really smile My kids are older now so have been thinking how the dynamics have changed over the years.

tendergreenbean Thu 07-Dec-17 23:33:27

For me the perfect Christmas involves midnight mass on Christmas Eve, spending most of the day in a new cosy set of pyjamas, no TV (exceptions for the queens speech), Classic FM on the radio for the carols whilst I take my time enjoying cooking dinner, some board games and charades with the family (trivial pursuit a necessity) and a glass or two of mulled wine. I make gingerbread dough the night before and keep it in the fridge so on the day I only have to do the fun bit and cut it out, something perfect about gingerbread men lovely and warm from the oven with the icing faces melting everywhere because I don't want to wait for them to cool.
I sound like a saddo don't I?

DorisDangleberry Thu 07-Dec-17 23:38:59

Perfect Xmas:
- Gin & Tonic for Breakfast
- Gin Martini mid morning
- Negroni around midday
- More gin early afternoon with some turkey flavoured crips
- Then fall asleep

MyBrilliantDisguise Thu 07-Dec-17 23:41:35

I love gin and tonic but I doubt I could drink it for breakfast!

shouldnthavesaid Thu 07-Dec-17 23:41:51

Cuddles in bed with the dog
Presents under the tree with tea and croissants
Church at 10, then a long walk with the dog
Dinner at 6 ish
Christmas TV with chocolates and booze
Bed by 11

DorisDangleberry Thu 07-Dec-17 23:46:43

I love gin and tonic but I doubt I could drink it for breakfast!

Well clearly you are just playing at loving it. Try it for breakfast tomorrow. Your life will be changed*

*can't guarantee it will be for the better though

MsGameandWatching Fri 08-Dec-17 00:04:51

Me, my children and dog and NO ONE else!
Pancakes for breakfast.
Walk down to the river with dog and get a soft drink at a lovely pub down there.
Home, cook dinner, drink a couple of glasses of wine.
Relax all afternoon eating chocolates and watching Christmas TV.
Small buffet in the evening.

Christmas got a whole lot better once I stopped feeling obliged to include extended family in it.

CorbynsBumFlannel Fri 08-Dec-17 00:40:20

Get woken up by the kids and go down and watch them open their presents, snack on selection box chocolate, watch the kids play with their toys and await relatives arriving, make and eat the dinner, family walk, boardgame, slob around eating while kids play with toys, watch something good on tv while eating some more, say goodbye to guests and put kids to bed, eat while watching some Christmas specials with dh.

CorbynsBumFlannel Fri 08-Dec-17 00:41:49

Oh yes and a buffet tea to break up the eating.

Kingsclerelass Fri 08-Dec-17 01:10:51

Presents with just me & ds
Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon for me, cocopops for him
Make a snow man if possible, or walk in the woods
Board games, carols on the radio, cook lunch
More presents
Lazy tTelly

Andrewofgg Fri 08-Dec-17 01:22:02

Main meal in a restaurant and I know some will call that selfish. But like many extended families we cannot comfortably fit in the home of one nuclear of the families of which we are composed.

Andrewofgg Fri 08-Dec-17 01:22:58

And of course a repeat of Clue on the radio!

Efnisien Fri 08-Dec-17 01:47:58

I need to try gin for breakfast but only on Christmas morning (and any other special occasion morning) grin

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