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To ask what your Boxing Day plans are?

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ginplease8383 Thu 07-Dec-17 21:54:56

DH and I and our 2 DDs have nothing planned and are seeing the family that can be arsed on Christmas Day. So what do you do?

bigchris Thu 07-Dec-17 21:56:00

Play with Christmas presents
Walk to get some fresh air

Eve done all the abovebefore

nokidshere Thu 07-Dec-17 21:56:15

Play with our new toys, sleep and eat grin

We very occasionally venture out for a walk if the weather is fab

bigchris Thu 07-Dec-17 21:56:26

We've smile

Whisky2014 Thu 07-Dec-17 21:58:42

Staying in jammies, eating leftovers and watching classy films Hopefully. I'm hosting 14 for Xmas day so will need a rest!

Bearwithverylittlebrain Thu 07-Dec-17 22:00:19

I'm working a 12 hour shift ☹️

LostSight Thu 07-Dec-17 22:01:14

Ridiculous sandwiches filled with everything leftover from Christmas dinner. MIL was horrified when she witnessed this appalling travesty, so I know it’s the right thing to do.

MuddlingThroughLife Thu 07-Dec-17 22:01:42

Ok and chill day. Cold turkey and chips for dinner. Chocolate. Crap tv. Looking at new stuff. Bliss.

Fluffyears Thu 07-Dec-17 22:02:29

Trying to prise MIL out of our house so we can have some time together before OH goes back to work on 27th. It’s my first Christmas week off in 15 years fgrin

jelliebelly Thu 07-Dec-17 22:04:04

Eating buffet style leftovers and turkey sandwiches. Staying in pyjamas watching movies, play board games and kids toys. Walk to park at some point. I love Boxing Day

speakout Thu 07-Dec-17 22:04:30

Tidy the house then relax.

Cleanermaidcook Thu 07-Dec-17 22:07:08

Bit of a lie in. We go to a friend's house party on Christmas day in the evening so its a late night. Nice lie in and the kids get to play with their presents. Chilled day.

PumpkinPie2016 Thu 07-Dec-17 22:07:08

Unsure at the moment! I am still waiting to see if my dad is working on boxing day - if not then hopefully he and my mum and sister will be able to come round.

If he is then might still ask my mum in the afternoon as I won't see her Christmas eve or day because she is working - I'll see my dad Christmas eve.

If all else fails - a chilled out day with DH and DS - maybe a nice walk and playing with DS New toys with him.

Katz Thu 07-Dec-17 22:07:17

It’s my 40th birthday so more presents and cake and then packing for a celebratory trip to Boston

Justabadwife Thu 07-Dec-17 22:08:36

In the morning dd can play with her toys, then we will have lunch out somewhere and then go to DH grans (an hour's drive away) for a few hours to see his aunty uncles, cousins etc.
Then we will come home, eat rubbish, play games and drink. 😁😁

Crumbs1 Thu 07-Dec-17 22:08:53

Walk the dog.
Prepare house
Cook canapes.
People come about 6pm for Boxing Day drinks.

PeppaPigBaconButty Thu 07-Dec-17 22:11:06

This year is my DN first xmas. She lives in the same house as me 50% the week with her daddy (DB). Her mum will have her xmas eve and xmas morning and us xmas afternoon and Boxing Day. So we're gonna hold off her opening presents till boxing morning and that day will be all about her ☺️

PinkHeart5914 Thu 07-Dec-17 22:11:58

We’ve made no plans, as I am due baby 3 on the 28th and my last 2 were born early so made no plans just in case

QueenofLouisiana Thu 07-Dec-17 22:13:54

Sit on a beach. Watch DS body board. Read a book.

We can’t wait.

BonnieF Thu 07-Dec-17 22:15:15

Racing at Kempton park during the day, the home for a leftovers buffet. DP will be glued to the TV later as the Ashes test match will be on.

U2HasTheEdge Thu 07-Dec-17 22:16:35

I am working Xmas eve night shift so will sleep quite a bit of Xmas day.

Boxing day I have my family here. We will have leftovers, jacket potatoes, salad, cheese board, breads etc. I can't wait for Boxing Day, Xmas day I will just be a tired mess and I can't imagine I will get much sleep Xmas eve before I go in.

MakeMisogynyAHateCrime Thu 07-Dec-17 22:16:49

Walk in the peaks with DC and our friends.
Rest of the day playing board games, playing games and eating left overs.

NetballHoop Thu 07-Dec-17 22:17:20

Long dog walk with all the DCs then home for snacky bits for lunch.
Thre we'll play the Christmas board game (we get given a new one each year by Santa)

In the evening we'll watch a Christmas film.

ShizzleYoDrizzle Thu 07-Dec-17 22:18:41

Leftovers, wine, and some lady like burping whilst nodding off in front of the Sound of Music.

LadyLoveYourWhat Thu 07-Dec-17 22:19:08

We live in Devon, so if it's sunny we go for a wander on the beach (there are quite a few Boxing Day morning swims at various places, but I'm definitely not up for that). If it's not nice enough for the beach I'll try and get a run in. And just chilling, nibbling, drinking, watching Christmas telly.

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