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to not understand why there isn’t more outrage about the new guidelines for dealing with children with additional needs?

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MakeMisogynyAHateCrime Thu 07-Dec-17 16:39:28

New guidelines have been put together by a Scottish NHS organisation.

It deals with gender issues (no, no don’t run away - you need to read what is happening, please because this extends into huge swathes of our society and has some very serious implications beyond those who identify as trans).

Page 14:
*Please note: by age 2 or 3, a child starts to develop a sense of being a male or female. Some children with a learning disability/additional support needs, however, may not develop gender awareness at the same age and stage as their peers. It is important that children with ASN are actively taught gender identity so that they understand the gender assigned to them at birth.

Conversely, this often requires blatant ‘boy/girl’ activities. However, once a child understands the gender assigned to them at birth, teaching and practice can diversify to include non-stereotypical approaches and allow the child to explore their True Gender identity.*

This is indoctrination pure and simple.
How many of us had small children who wanted to be a boy or rallied against stereotypes. My DS has additional needs and spent the ages of 2 1/2 - 6 obsessively wearing pink wellies and fairy wings.
How many people want their children to be taught and pushed towards regressive stereotypes? Not to mention the path that lays ahead after that nowadays.

The rest of the document is along similar lines.

Please tell me we can fight this off before it spreads further?

MakeMisogynyAHateCrime Thu 07-Dec-17 16:39:40

TheCatsPaws Thu 07-Dec-17 17:26:51

This really upsets me. My DS is likely “on the autistic spectrum” and this advice is ridiculous. He loves Disney princesses and Frozen. He’s his own person and can like whatever he wants.

MakeMisogynyAHateCrime Thu 07-Dec-17 17:29:04

It is incredibly upsetting, isn’t it?
Children with SN have enough brackets to sit inside and deal with, without another part of their being needing to be examined. I am utterly outaged by it all.

TheCatsPaws Thu 07-Dec-17 17:30:16

It is. I’m actually really annoyed. I myself am autistic and as a child I loved “boy” things, this would’ve given me a real complex about it.

It’s yet another failing of the non NT.

TorNayDoh Thu 07-Dec-17 17:44:32

What even is "blatant ‘boy/girl’ activities" - peeing standing up vs peeing standing down?

"It is important that children with ASN are actively taught gender identity so that they understand the gender assigned to them at birth" - why is it important to understand gender identity? What does that even mean? What is a feminine gender identity? Is this saying females have to be feminine or there's something wrong with you?

Walktwomoons Thu 07-Dec-17 19:56:47

This is bonkers! How would this help anyone? How sad that NHS Scotland have such a low opinion of society that they (presumably) think everyone must be forced into a box or the people around them won't be able to cope or treat them well?

AnaisB Thu 07-Dec-17 20:07:12

This makes no sense to me.

Basically, teach them the stereo-typed version of the gender associated with their sex and then support them if they feel uncomfortable with this stereo-type. What is this guideline based on?!

3out Thu 07-Dec-17 20:13:30

Ridiculous. DS favourite colour at 3 was pink, and he loved pushing dolls around in a pushchair. We didn’t discourage it. Now 8, pink is no longer his favourite colour, and he prefers the PlayStation to dolls. I would not have been happy being forced to discourage his love of pink and dolls.

MakeMisogynyAHateCrime Thu 07-Dec-17 22:15:18

It makes no sense whatsoever.
The document is also incoherent in parts and I struggle to believe it has been passed around people with any level of critical thinking.

MakeMisogynyAHateCrime Fri 08-Dec-17 07:16:31

How can we campaign against this?

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