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No compensation from Tesco for washing powder in my chocolates?

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StormTreader Thu 07-Dec-17 14:17:45

So I did some Tesco shopping last night and decided to get some of the mint Thorntons chocolates as they were on for £3.

Started eating them at home, and got a distinct "washing powder" soap taste, a closer look has revealed that what I thought was powdered sugar actually seems to be a tiny amount of strongly-perfumed washing powder, probably spilled at some point and has worked its way in.

Contacted Tesco, and all they will offer is that if I spend my time and petrol driving back to the store, wait in the huge xmas lines for the customer service counter, show them the issue with the product so they can contact their suppliers...they will refund my £3.

AIBU to think that with the time and petrol PLUS the fact my nice treat was ruined (and I was worrying and googling exactly how poisonous washing powder is), that a little bit of a goodwill gesture would not be unreasonable? Even an offer of a £5 voucher would have been something - if I'd wanted the £3 rather than the chocolate, I wouldnt have bought it!

I can see why THEY want to investigate with their supplier so they dont get sued by someone, but Im not sure whats in it for me thats better than just chucking them in the bin and going to Morrisons in future...

Slapbetcommissioner Thu 07-Dec-17 14:22:38

Email the CEO and you'll get a better (proper) response/apology/refund.

tendergreenbean Thu 07-Dec-17 14:23:12

Tesco is horrendous where we live.
Like really, really bad.
The fruit and veg is always past it's best and I'm yet to find any edible salad (a big superstore too, not a small local one). Mouldy veg in the baskets contaminating everything else.
DP got a protein shake that had literally turned to cheese, completely solid.
Grey mince too, yuck.
The tap in the disabled toilet has been broken for 6 months too, no alternative handwashing facilities. I've complained endlessly to no avail.
Going nuts on social media usually does the job. Or get your daily mail sad face out!
Is there anywhere else you can easily go? I've found them to be dreadful, and have just stopped giving them our hard earned money.

taratill Thu 07-Dec-17 14:33:47

Just hold on to the chocolates and the receipt until you are next shopping then get a refund.

No right to compensation for injured feelings / loss of enjoyment of chocolates or anything like that there has to be actual harm.

Cocoloco75 Thu 07-Dec-17 14:41:42

I used to work in their customer service centre many moons ago and what used to happen was the product would be sent back to the centre then dealt with by somebody be in the relevant team. The contaminated item would be sent back to the relevant supplier for investigation and once that was completed the customer would be sent a letter with the findings and any compensation. Don’t know if it still works this way though.

DeadGood Thu 07-Dec-17 14:44:19

“probably spilled at some point and has worked its way in.”

Er could you elaborate on this detail??

ThymeLord Thu 07-Dec-17 14:49:17

So you spilled washing powder into your chocs whilst shopping, and want compo from Tesco?

PurpleMinionMummy Thu 07-Dec-17 15:11:52

Wouldn't you be better off contacting Thorntons as they actually made them and that's where the fault lies? Or the food standards agency?

tendergreenbean Thu 07-Dec-17 15:15:07

Second contacting Thorntons - you might get a better response.

StormTreader Thu 07-Dec-17 15:17:30

"So you spilled washing powder into your chocs whilst shopping, and want compo from Tesco?"

Yes, thats totally what I meant, how clever of you to see through my devious masterplan hmm

No, I only use liquid and didnt buy any yesterday anyway - I meant it has probably spilled over them at some point in the stockroom/warehouse and worked its way in. The box was sealed and there isnt loads, but enough to make it totally un-bearable after a couple.

StormTreader Thu 07-Dec-17 15:18:04

Also "chocs" and "compo", gak.

SoupDragon Thu 07-Dec-17 15:20:04

If the box was sealed, how could it get in?

SoupDragon Thu 07-Dec-17 15:21:15

I'm wondering if it was actually a problem at Thornton rather than Tesco s.

Lilmisskittykat Thu 07-Dec-17 15:21:40

I'd have written to Thornton's not Tesco's if they were sealed

RestingGrinchFace Thu 07-Dec-17 15:22:36

Ocado are really great in this respect. If you are not pleased they give you an immediate refund.

insancerre Thu 07-Dec-17 15:23:06

Have you had it tested!
Is it definitely washing powder?
Chocolate does sometimes bloom and go white

flingingmelon Thu 07-Dec-17 15:25:03

@StormTreader I've pm'd you. If you don't get the message can you PM me? Thank you!

Omgineedanamechange Thu 07-Dec-17 15:25:17

Go to Thornton’s not Tesco, seriously, you’ll get a better response, and a full investigation.

StormTreader Thu 07-Dec-17 15:26:14

It wasnt wrapped in plastic, it was one of those where each side has one of those little sticky circles. I assume the powder has worked its way in somehow. It is only a tiny amount, I didnt even notice it at first.

Its certainly an argument for only buying plastic-wrapped boxes in future!

"The contaminated item would be sent back to the relevant supplier for investigation and once that was completed the customer would be sent a letter with the findings and any compensation."

Honestly I'd be much happier if that had been mentioned by them, I'm happy enough to wait and let them see, it was the assured tone that I should be totally happy with a generous in-store refund that disappointed/annoyed me.

Maybe I am BU then, being prevented eating my own chocolate that I could see at this particular time of the month certainly isnt helping with being measured and considerate about it all! grin

StormTreader Thu 07-Dec-17 15:29:32

"Is it definitely washing powder?"

Its very definitely washing powder or similar - the soap taste was un-ignorable after a few of them, and putting my nose right into the box I can smell the strong "chemical floral and soap" smell.

CeciliaBartolli Thu 07-Dec-17 15:30:09

Thornton's chocolates are vile anyway. Maybe washing powder is a good idea.

GeminiRising Thu 07-Dec-17 15:33:17

I work for a small company that supplies Tesco, I can confirm that all they will do is refund you what you paid and then write to the supplier and ask them to investigate and they will only contact you if you leave your details - many customers won't do this. The only time you'll get a 'goodwill' payment is if it is a Tesco own brand item.

They will also charge the supplier a whacking 'administrative charge' to do this.

In my experience they don't even send the product back to be tested. You might be better off contacting the supplier direct.

ToadOfSadness Thu 07-Dec-17 15:44:32

I know Thorntons are crap but why would they have washing powder in their packaging dept.? Unless it is to complement the palm oil in the chocolate.

This is a Tesco storage problem surely? And probably the reason they were reduced/on offer.

speakout Thu 07-Dec-17 15:44:53

I would never contact the retailer over a problem like this,

I found a blowfly in a can of ASDA minced beef, sent to ASDA, they denied everything.

Next time it will be public health.

ArcheryAnnie Thu 07-Dec-17 15:47:35

I get that you are disappointed, but it's reasonable for a shop to want the product back before refunding you. Just wait until your next visit.

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