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hereineedalittlehelp Thu 07-Dec-17 11:12:11

Basically i am going to be homeless early in 2018.

It is my own fault by the way. However i saw from the other thread there were places to sleep at night. Are shelter the best people to contatct?

RunningOutOfCharge Thu 07-Dec-17 11:13:57

Are you working?

hereineedalittlehelp Thu 07-Dec-17 11:15:46

Yes, i do work.

hungryhippo90 Thu 07-Dec-17 11:17:49

im really sorry to read this herein.....
is there any possibility youll be able to rent a room in a shared house? i know that £400ish isnt easy to find, but it would be the safest option for you i think.

Wishing you all the luck in the world.

hereineedalittlehelp Thu 07-Dec-17 11:19:05

I have NO money. And no way of getting any credit at all. My credit is utterly shot to pieces. Ive had payday loans i cant repay and even they wont lend to me now.

Stompythedinosaur Thu 07-Dec-17 11:21:57

Yes, contact Shelter for advice.

Your local authority will have a homeless office which will tell you the options in your local area. There will be some sort of hostel.

BarbarianMum Thu 07-Dec-17 11:22:35

Contact Shelter.

Also get some financial advice to either set up realistic repayment plans or think about declaring bankruptcy.

hereineedalittlehelp Thu 07-Dec-17 11:23:10

Thanks. I really appreciate that. As long as ive somewhere to sleep at night.

Havingahorridtime Thu 07-Dec-17 11:24:48

If you have got until early 2018 could you just save your wages specifically to rent somewhere? Personally I wouldn't pay anything else and would only buy basic food in order to put all my wages towards getting somewhere to rent, even if it's just a room in a shared house.

molifly Thu 07-Dec-17 11:26:49

There is a charity called turn2us which lists charitable grants from different areas of the country that you might be eligible to apply for.

Could you explain to work and maybe get a wage advance?

Kitsharrington Thu 07-Dec-17 11:27:03

What will happen to make you homeless next year, specifically? Where do you live now? Private rental? If so I'm sure you have options - they cannot make you homeless. Be sure to speak to your local coucil's housing authority. And Shelter.

Cocorico Thu 07-Dec-17 11:27:24

I'm so sorry to read this @hereineedalittlehelp flowers

Turn2Us would be a good starting point.

Another option is to try and contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau (you can find your local one here) by phone or make a face-to-face appointment - they can be very helpful.

This link on emergency housing from the government might also be helpful.

Please keep posting - we're here for you.

Cocorico Thu 07-Dec-17 11:29:57

Would it be at all possible to ask family or friends for a loan to tide you over so that you're able to continue to pay your rent in 2018? Perhaps an advance payment from your work, as a previous poster suggested, is a better option though.

hereineedalittlehelp Thu 07-Dec-17 11:32:40

I dont have any family and none of my friends are in a position to help.

Horrid i cant save enough.

The only thing is i dont want to be on the street. As long as i can have a bed and a shower im not bothered.

I doubt housing could help as i am not a priority as i work, no disability or kids etc.

Havingahorridtime Thu 07-Dec-17 11:39:49

I assume you must work part time if you can't save enough for even a shared room by not paying anything else OP?
Could you see if you can get any part time temporary work? At Christmas there is a need for additional bar staff, chambermaids, waiting staff and shop workers.

hereineedalittlehelp Thu 07-Dec-17 11:45:47

Shared roms here are about 450 a deposit.i am ft.

Havingahorridtime Thu 07-Dec-17 11:57:46

If you are full time and have at least 3 weeks left before becoming homeless you should easily be able to get £450 together by not paying anything else. I wouldn't pay any debts, utilities, or rent because the priority is saving enough to get a roof over your head. I would buy basic cheap food and I would pay the council tax.
If you are full time I guess you must be earning at least £250 per week?
There might be reasons why you can't save at least £200 per week by not paying for your usual overheads and if there is then fair enough but in the face of it saving £450 should be doable in 3 weeks.

Havingahorridtime Thu 07-Dec-17 12:00:02

Would you need £450 first months rent plus £450 deposit? If so then that makes things impossible in 3 weeks if you are on minimum wage or close to minimum wage. Are there any rent bond schemes where you live? Do you have absolutely anything that you can sell?
Have you tried the credit union?

RunningOutOfCharge Thu 07-Dec-17 12:00:26

Start selling your belongings?

If you are going to be homeless it won't be a case of needing 'stuff'

Even a few pounds each item will add up

hereineedalittlehelp Thu 07-Dec-17 12:07:11

Like i say i just dont want to be on the street. Nothing else is inportant.

Havingahorridtime Thu 07-Dec-17 12:08:00

What date do you estimate you will be homeless on?

hereineedalittlehelp Thu 07-Dec-17 12:08:52


EmpressOfTheSpartacusOceans Thu 07-Dec-17 12:16:51

£450 plus deposit, plus possible agency fees, plus references & passing the credit check - it's often not that simple unfortunately.

Good luck, herei.

overnightangel Thu 07-Dec-17 12:19:03

What part of the country are you in @hereineedalittlehelp ?

BarbarianMum Thu 07-Dec-17 12:20:24

If you are a lodger in a private house you will often not have to pay either a deposit or pass a credit check. Just need the first month's rent. You will have very little security but it's cheap.

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