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To be extremely pissed off

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knickerelasticgonetwang Wed 06-Dec-17 22:29:05

I was at work today to be told by a colleague that lived two doors down from my late step dads house only to be told by my colleague that the house had been sold by my half brother. I always thought that it would eventually be sold and as a non blood relative to the man I know as my dad I would not get any money from the sale. What has really pissed me off is that it should have been my brother telling me about the house and not an outsider. AIBU to feel like this as it was the last link to my dad.

JoJoSM2 Thu 07-Dec-17 06:52:29

Why is this in money matters? If it’s the money that bothers you, then unfortunately you need to accept that it’s people’s free choice who they choose to pass their inheritance too.

Mrsfucktrumpet Thu 07-Dec-17 06:56:31

Is there a will saying who inherits what ?

knickerelasticgonetwang Thu 07-Dec-17 07:21:03

No the issue is not the money I knew that I would not get anything but the issue is that my brother did not tell me about the sale but my colleague did and I posted this on AIBU

JoJoSM2 Thu 07-Dec-17 07:37:11

Maybe get it moved to AIBU then. It’s in Money Matters. Perhaps you posted here as a bit of a Freudian slip as that what really bothers you?

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