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To think Trumps' Jerusalem decision will officially make America a danger to world peace?

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HadronCollider Wed 06-Dec-17 14:37:46

Not content with helping to inflame tensions with North Korea, he intends to officially recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, despite warning calls from the Pope, the UN, the King of Saudi Arabia, The turkish president, and allied leaders in the Middle East.

"The Palestinian envoy to the UK, Manuel Hassassian, told the BBC: “If [Trump] says what he is intending to say about Jerusalem being the capital of Israel, it means a kiss of death to the two-state solution."

Apparently there will be an official announcement today.

AIBU to fear what this will do to the world and see America as threat to world peace?

MarthasHarbour Wed 06-Dec-17 14:44:00

Absolutely agree with you OP. The man and the power he yields terrifies me sad

Blahblahblahzeeblah Wed 06-Dec-17 14:45:57

It's horrendous. The man seems to have no idea of diplomacy.

papayasareyum Wed 06-Dec-17 15:24:40

closer and closer we move towards Armageddon

HadronCollider Wed 06-Dec-17 17:29:23

What I don't get is how a decision of this magnitude that will affect so many people can just be made willy nilly by effectively one man? I mean where is the consultation? I really fear that the situation in the world is about to become far more volatile than it already is.sad

MycatsaPirate Wed 06-Dec-17 17:33:42

How can he decide what is the capital of another country? I mean, it's like Theresa May deciding that she no longer recognises Paris as the capital of France and will now only recognise Nantes as the capital and we will be moving our Embassy there forthwith.

What a fucking cockwomble. I just don't understand why he can't just get on with sorting out his own Country and keep his nose well out of everywhere else.

I notice that Jared is partly behind this decision from a report I read today. That is just fucking awful.

bananasaregood Wed 06-Dec-17 17:37:59

I think this will also lead to an even bigger rise in anti-semitism. Trump's been hand in hand with Nazis from day one.

PrincessoftheSea Wed 06-Dec-17 17:40:37

Yes agree. A very dangerous man

AfunaMbatata Wed 06-Dec-17 17:41:06

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

lljkk Wed 06-Dec-17 17:42:27

When is Chump speaking on this point, 6pm our time?

I imagine the US embassy staff in Tel Aviv are horrified. As if security wasn't tough enough in Tel Aviv.

I also predict that no date will be announced for when the embassy will move. It could be stalled for many months or yrs. But great distraction from the Russia investigation.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Dec-17 17:45:34

Well I’m guessing Israel will be happy with this??

But yes, Trump is a total twat. No need to do it apart from possibly sucking up to Israel and there been a shorter commute for US diplomats if they want to meet Israeli politicians as the parliament is in Jerusalem.

HadronCollider Wed 06-Dec-17 17:46:16

it's like Theresa May deciding that she no longer recognises Paris as the capital of France and will now only recognise Nantes as the capital and we will be moving our Embassy there forthwith.

That's what I don't understand either Mycatsa. America says ^guess what people, Jerusalem is now officially the capital of Israel and we're moving our embassy there" And that's it then? Dig out your atlas and throw it away, change the national curriculum, and update Satnav? And the rest of the world just accepts itconfused

Eltonjohnssyrup Wed 06-Dec-17 17:46:28

Apparently because of the threat of Shia Iran at the moment most of the Sunni Gulf states are going to have to accept it. I suspect it is going to be less of an issue than you might think.

The people it's going to piss off are probably already radicalised and prepared to attack already.

VivaLeBeaver Wed 06-Dec-17 17:46:36

They’re saying it will be years before it actually happens so hopefully trump will be impeached by then.

Eltonjohnssyrup Wed 06-Dec-17 17:48:59

It's not quite like that. Israel says that Jerusalem is it's capital, UN says it's not, so DT is just officially recognising what Israel already say rather than unilaterally changing the capital.

Fekko Wed 06-Dec-17 17:49:07

I'm guessing that he has his fat fingers in a nice property pie out there.

user1492877024 Wed 06-Dec-17 17:51:05

Message deleted by MNHQ as it quotes a deleted post.

Kursk Wed 06-Dec-17 17:54:28

The US has a very strong relationship with Israel, so this sort of announcement is not unexpected.

I highly doubt he will get impeached. Fully suspect that he will win a second term.

Fekko Wed 06-Dec-17 18:00:33

Wash your mouth out with soap!

Eltonjohnssyrup Wed 06-Dec-17 18:01:55

If Trump gets shot dead it's quite likely the US would descend into civil war and support for his ideals would rocket.

Be careful what you wish for.

Fekko Wed 06-Dec-17 18:15:14

How can he just announce this - whose decision was it? His alone? Did anyone vote on it? Just because he says so, that can't make it so - can it?

Atenco Wed 06-Dec-17 18:22:11

His extremely influential son-in-law is a very strong supporter of Israel, so it is not really very surprising, but totally appalling.

MyBeloved Wed 06-Dec-17 18:41:21

Erm, much as I hate Trump, Jerusalem actually is the capital of israel.

It's been a bone of contention because it was supposed to be divided up at the end of any peace negotiations.

Fekko Wed 06-Dec-17 18:43:03

Are the fundamental Christians getting all upset too?

HadronCollider Wed 06-Dec-17 18:44:38

Viva Unfortunately I don't think it matters when it officially comes in. All that seems to matter is that it's been said to the world and recognition given verbally. Been listening to LBC. Already someone has rang in saying how great it is due to religious/idealogical reasons and 'it is the temple Solomon built' so nothing else matters and apparently American evangelical christians are expressing their support.

It's all going to hell in a hand cart.

The backlash might be delayed but there definitely will be onesad.

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