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to have christmas tree rage.... [lighthearted but also a tad serious]

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cjt110 Wed 06-Dec-17 13:16:49

At our office we have 2 floors. Downstairs have a pop up christmas tree and lights etc. Upstairs had a huge fucker of a tree that had baubels and lights. I myself had a gold tinsel pop up christmas tree thats about 2ft tall that I would have on my desk.

In panic for an audit the cuoboard they were stored in got emptied and said numerous decorations got shifted off site. My manager had retired. We all thought he had them. He says he hasn't. My boss said he didnt think he had them. Came in today with a few plastic boxes of some of the decs saying they were in his loft.

I cannot find my tree. Nor can downstairs find theirs. Mine is my own, bought with my own money.

I have the rage. It is MY tree. My own. And it has a poorly leg. My boss 3D printed a leg for it for me as one was missing....

GRRRRR. I think boss should replace said trees if he's lost the fucking things

TheNoodlesIncident Wed 06-Dec-17 14:28:21

He really should replace them, at the very least your tree as it was your pwn personal property. Can you find something similar online and ask him to pay for it, plus any replacement decorations?

I sympathise, a bit of festive cheer goes a long way at work...

In an office I worked in (long ago now), the Christmas tree was kinda.. unloved looking. Over the years I was there I bought a few more baubles every Christmas to replace the tacky ones it had; and added fairy lights which it didn't even have. In fact, I can summarise the state of the poor thing, on my joining the company, by saying the decoration at the very top was not a star, not a fairy or angel... it was a clip art picture of a businessman, like an insurance agent or similar. shock Held on with a paper clip.

Sorry, not festive enough by a royal mile santa

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