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To be a bit bamboozled by technology - Alexa? Google Home? OneDrive? Google Pics?

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whyismykid Wed 06-Dec-17 12:03:37

Is there a better board for this? Let me know if there is!

My aibu is aibu to be overwhelmed by the choices and ask you what you use and what you would recommend?

Help me with tech choices - I seem to have a google drive, one drive and iCloud, and I would quite like Alexa and / or google home, I have a hotmail main email but gmail for mailing lists etc, we use Picniic for family calendar, watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and IPlayer, and listen to the radio and podcasts a lot. I have an iPhone and a MacBook. I need to sort out what goes where and I'm drowning a bit!

I need:
Photo storage from iPhone - safe and secure - would like to be able to view photos on smart TV (don't have one yet but have plans for the sales)
Family calendar (a calendar for each of us that I can view in one screen on any device)
Document storage - I work freelance so some business things, home things and things for studying, mostly on Office 365

And organising tools (lists, link storage, planning tools etc)

So my thought is One Drive, but does that 'work' with Alexa? Can I ask Alexa to make notes in OneDrive for example? Or is that just in the Alexa app?

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