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How can a male win 2 silver medals in a women’s World Championship event

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bambambini Wed 06-Dec-17 09:08:24

Laurel Hubbard from New Zealand has just won 2 silver medals in the women's events in the Weightlifting World Championships in the US. Laurel at 39yrs old is much older than the other female competitors and has only really excelled in the sport to this level in the past few years for some reason.

GeekyBlinders Wed 06-Dec-17 09:10:22

O brave new world, That has such people in 't!

Nomoresugar Wed 06-Dec-17 09:11:28

Fucking ridiculous! angry

AdalindSchade Wed 06-Dec-17 09:11:41

The world has gone fucking mad. At least he didn't take gold.
You know his background? Used to compete as a man, rich daddy, started losing and transitioned and is now suddenly winning again hmm
As far as I can see the extent of his transition is a ponytail...

Afanofchocolate Wed 06-Dec-17 09:12:58

Fucking ridiculous isn't it.

bambambini Wed 06-Dec-17 09:13:59

Try the link again - this always happens.

ladyballs Wed 06-Dec-17 09:17:13

Because women aren't allowed anything. And we've always been at war with Eastasia.

bambambini Wed 06-Dec-17 09:17:18

I wish Laurel had taken Gold. I wish the women who took Gold and Bronze had handed their medals to Hubbard and walked off of the podium. I wish the IOC wasn’t such a corrupt dung heap run by men.

DonnyAndVladSittingInATree Wed 06-Dec-17 09:19:49

Because a man wanted to. It’s that simple. If a man wants something in this world he gets it. It is their world. It always has been. We were kidding ourselves to think it would go any other way. They let us live here because we are useful and we expect and accept less than men to do jobs men don’t want to do. This is not our world.

meatyLoaf Wed 06-Dec-17 09:22:10

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

AdalindSchade Wed 06-Dec-17 09:23:11

Meaty do you think it's fair that Laurel Hubbard won a silver medal competing against female people?
Do you think the woman who came 4th deserved to lose out on a medal?

overnightangel Wed 06-Dec-17 09:23:58

Absolutely ridiculous

AssassinatedBeauty Wed 06-Dec-17 09:24:29

@meatyLoaf, just to clarify, you're happy that this competition was totally fair - an absolutely level playing field for all competitors?

CoteDAzur Wed 06-Dec-17 09:24:55

What Donny said.

CoteDAzur Wed 06-Dec-17 09:25:37

“Who's this 'we' you talk about?”

Women. Donny was talking about us women.

DonnyAndVladSittingInATree Wed 06-Dec-17 09:25:43

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

TaylorTinker Wed 06-Dec-17 09:28:37

Im not a sports fan at all but one upside is that this is the point where my husband notices and says "hey that's not right!"

MissionItsPossible Wed 06-Dec-17 09:28:42

2017: The year of idiotic lunacy. I always thought the phrase 'stop the world, I want to get off' was overblown but 2017 has had me thinking that a lot.

nevereverever83 Wed 06-Dec-17 09:29:47

wow, you know nothing about weightlifting and you're really unkind. you have no compassion and i hope nobody ever treats you as awfully as you (all) are behaving now.

TinyRick Wed 06-Dec-17 09:30:17

For a group that is meant to be tiny and 'vulnerable' they sure are taking up quite a few of the top Female spots in sports and politics.


Nakedavenger74 Wed 06-Dec-17 09:31:19

What knowledge are we missing about weightlifting to conclude that a stinger male competing against women is unfair @nevereverever83?

Nakedavenger74 Wed 06-Dec-17 09:31:42


bambambini Wed 06-Dec-17 09:32:02

This happened in my life time. An official outraged - trying to drag a woman who wanted to Run in the Boston Marathon off of the course. I suppose we’re lucky they actually let us compete - of course depending on which part of the world you live, you might not get to compete at all.

TinyRick Wed 06-Dec-17 09:32:06


That's blatantly not true. Lots of compassion for the women having to compete against him.

SD1978 Wed 06-Dec-17 09:32:54

Weightlifting is a notorious sport for abuse of steroids, from both Make and female competitors . She has been drug tested and the amount of testosterone in her system is acceptable as per the rules of this sport. If you tested above that, and qualified for the new division, then you’d be allowed in the men’s division.

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