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Random London Overground question

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ComingUpTrumps Wed 06-Dec-17 00:31:05

I live in London, and any time I go on the Overground or to a Tube station with an Overground connection, I always hear that it's been part-suspended between Gospel Oak and Barking.

I'm weirdly curious about this. Does this mean that you can never go east to Barking on the Overground from Gospel Oak?!

ComingUpTrumps Wed 06-Dec-17 00:40:58

Anyone got a possible answer to this totally inane question?

AntiHop Wed 06-Dec-17 00:42:06

That part was suspended for months last year because of engineering works.

LambChopsMcGee Wed 06-Dec-17 00:42:10

It's temporary. They're doing works in it.

ComingUpTrumps Wed 06-Dec-17 00:43:05

Ahh thanks smile

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