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...To not want a second baby shower??

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Lou1324 Tue 05-Dec-17 21:27:12

I am currently pregnant with baby no.2. With my first pregnancy, my friends threw me a lovely baby shower and it was a great afternoon. However, they want to do the same this time round and I really don't want it! I don't like being the centre of attention at all, but really feel like I've 'been there done that' with the whole baby shower thing and don't need to repeat it all over again! I also don't know if I'm having a boy/girl so can't face a pile of neutral gifts e.g. baby blankets and teddies which I know I'd end up with even if there was a no gifts rule as people don't like to turn up empty handed! I've got stuff bursting out of cupboards from last time as it is...

The awkward thing is all this is being planned as a surprise, I only know because my friends have told my DH about it, so I can't even tell them how I feel! My DH feels abit uncomfortable being stuck in the middle...

I probably sound really ungrateful but I don't want them to go to any trouble or expense for something I'm going to hate...

BunsOfAnarchy Tue 05-Dec-17 21:46:54

Hi Lou, had to respond! I'm six months in with my first baby and although I'll be setting my own shower date soon, I know how u feel! I hate fuss and being pregnant only makes that feeling worse.

However.... I went to a second baby shower for a cousin this year and helped organise my sils second one too (baby was born too early in the end so was cancelled).
Instead of a large do, both were just a sit down meal in a restaurant with around 15-20 ladies max and with a quick fun quiz, no other games and everyone gave vouchers. Both my cousin and my sil have EVERYTHING they possibly need for a baby from when their firstborns arrived so the second baby shower was more of a simple and fun get together and in my personal opinion it was just lovely and relaxing and barely any fuss.

Maybe you can suggest this to your friends in a way that won't let them in on you knowing about their plans? Something like
"hey girls, been thinking about a baby shower But having looked through all dc1s stuff I feel I have more than enough in preparation for dc2 so I'm thinking rather than a shower, just organising a small get together/lunch/pub meal with no gifts, just the girls having a nice meal and a laugh together before I start nesting! Pregnancy is tiring me out and I'm not feeling a big do but id love to just see everyone for a small get together "

BunsOfAnarchy Tue 05-Dec-17 21:49:16

I forgot to add...even though u hate fuss, it is really sweet of them to still wanna do something for you. You're really blessed to have lovely family and friends like that smile

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