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To get the new job and make money or to invest in current job for better prospects?

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Valentine2 Tue 05-Dec-17 20:29:08

It is more of a WWYD.
If I move to this new option now, I will get a great pay rise (no bonus) and pension. Work will be somewhat similar but it will be harder to progress as it will be a new organisation for me and networking/collaborative work is essential in my field (so much more competition than where I am currently).
If I stay in my current job, apply for the training required for the a promotion and get the required training, I will get at least as much money, great bonus and good pension. However, training is hard and there is a real chance I might not be promoted (though I have a feeling my company is very happy with me) because of the pressure from Brexit and expected job losses.
If I get promoted, it will be a level above the one I am being offered in the new job right now.

I don't have to move to another area, similar childcare benefits/work life balance etc.

What would you do? I just can't get my head around the uncertainty if I stay and work hard. I have been refused a promotion some time ago, despite fulfilling all the requirements. This time I am more sure (about 70-80%) that I will get it.
Please help!

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