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To sod the diet and eat,drink and be merry until after Christmas

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Wishfulmakeupping Tue 05-Dec-17 18:02:14

Been on ww lost 8lbs only 7lb more to go wanted to be at goal by Xmas- fallen off the wagon with Xmas nights and pizza and beer last few nights- I'm genuinely thinking sod it until after xmas now

Procrastination4 Tue 05-Dec-17 18:07:13

Please don’t! You’ve put in great effort and are nearly there. Try to be reasonable in what you do- sensible breakfast, lunch as healthy as you can, nice dinner, or vice versa and try to get a bit of exercise in.
I’ve put on over a stone this year, and finding it really difficult to get motivated to lose it. Please don’t let your good work go for nothing. You may put on a few pounds but if you let go completely you’ll put on too much and will be so fed up with yourself. Think of how good it’ll feel in January when you’re nearly there! (Some of us will be only starting then!)

flashheartscanoe Tue 05-Dec-17 18:10:35

Nooooo, it's to soon. You'll put it all back on by Christmas.
Super boring but, you've done really well, long term weight management isnt about on and off wagon - but balance. If there's a night out planned cut back in the day. You will be so pleased you're not back to square one on January 2nd.
Christmas week is fair game of course.

noeffingidea Tue 05-Dec-17 18:13:41

I wouldn't. You're talking about a month there, easy to put back on most of that weight you've lost in that time, especially if you really go overboard on christmas food.
I would take 2 or 3 days off over christmas (depending on whether you do anything special on christmas eve, and try and stick to your diet as much as possible up to that point (allowing for any christmas parties).

ILoveMillhousesDad Tue 05-Dec-17 18:14:30

Oh come on. You can lose 7lb in 3 weeks if you step away from the pizza.

It's really not worth it. You will feel great if you reach, or nearly reach your goal.

Low carb and stick to spirits and low cal mixers if you fancy a drink.

Namechangetempissue Tue 05-Dec-17 18:15:01

Wait until nearer the day -have Christmas eve, day and boxing day off and then back on the diet. Don't waste your hard work!

handslikecowstits Tue 05-Dec-17 18:15:27

You'll feel crap in January.

ByThePowerOfRa Tue 05-Dec-17 18:16:53

I think Yabu (sorry)! You can gain a lot in three weeks, if you push the ‘sod it’ button! Don’t do it.

I wouldn’t necessarily say stick with ww, but maybe focus on eating a bit less or more healthily instead?

I swear that ww etc make you want to say ‘sod it’ all the more!

acornsandnuts Tue 05-Dec-17 18:21:37

Nope don’t do it.

I did when I came home from a holiday at half term and put 7lb on and could seriously kick myself. I’m now trying to lose the 7lb before Christmas to be back to the same place I was weeks ago. No doubt to put the bigger back on over Christmas Day. sad

FlopIsMyParentingGuru Tue 05-Dec-17 18:24:37

Don't do it. I would lay money on you ending up weighing more than you started at.

If you really need to splurge, choose one day a week to do it, plan in advance how relaxed you want to be and then stay on plan for the rest of the week.

Think about how good it'll feel to reach Christmas Eve with your clothes fitting well rather than being tight or uncomfortable

HulaMelody Tue 05-Dec-17 18:31:50

Don’t do it! You will regret it.
Christmas is expensive enough without feeling you’ve wasted WW fees too.

GreatDuckCookery Tue 05-Dec-17 18:34:33

Well you could but you would be daft! All that hard work out of the window?

You can still have some treats and eat lovely things without going too mad.

manicinsomniac Tue 05-Dec-17 18:36:48

YABU, that would be crazy. You'll have gained the 8 pounds back by Christmas and have to start from scratch in January!

Eat what you like on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, not for the whole season. A day or two of indulgence can be undone in a week or so of sensible eating. Any more than that and you're in trouble for a while/

Wishfulmakeupping Tue 05-Dec-17 19:02:18

Damn you all and your sensible advice 😩
You're so right but I'm tired, stressed with uni work and looking after 2 unhappy dcs while husband has man flu and a glass of wine and packet of crisps would put a smile on my face. BUT you're all right and I would be annoyed with myself if I undid my effort now

Tazmum01 Tue 05-Dec-17 19:07:28

Have a spritzer instead? Please don't give up now after all your hard work.

ashley0710 Tue 05-Dec-17 19:08:58

Keep going, your doing so well :-)

Peachypossum Tue 05-Dec-17 19:10:52

Now what I would do is plan the next few days meals now, then relax and enjoy a glass of wine today, knowing I am set to go the rest of the week.

Upyourdaisy Tue 05-Dec-17 19:14:39

I wouldn't, you're doing so well. I've been dieting and exercising since last Saturday and I haven't lost any weight and I'm not giving up.

ByThePowerOfRa Tue 05-Dec-17 19:16:24

I second the spritzer idea. And maybe a fruit plate? It honestly feels like a treat if you cut it all up and make it pretty!

stopfuckingshoutingatme Tue 05-Dec-17 19:17:25

No ! It’s early hand tight for a while longer

OuchLegoHurts Tue 05-Dec-17 19:21:55

I've lost a good bit of weight through SW since last April. I keep reminding myself how shit I usually feel in January and I'm absolutely determined that I won't mess it all up this Xmas. January is depressing enough without having piled on the weight too. Join me in taking 2 days off over Xmas and then getting straight back into it afterwards. You'd be surprised how much damage you could do between now and then otherwise...

loubey68 Tue 05-Dec-17 19:31:59

Our sw consultant gave good advice- if you have a bunch of flowers and one or two die do you throw the whole bunch away?
You have 21 roses (meals) a week if a few die keep the rest . We all fuck up, give yourself a break and try to keep some meals on track xxx

Parrcful Tue 05-Dec-17 19:34:57

I said sod it this time last year & here I am a year later & two stone heavier 🤔

ColonelJackONeil Tue 05-Dec-17 19:40:06

I'm pretty sure you could fit in a few treats and stay on plan. A packet of crisps could be squeezed into your points allowance if you really want them.

BrieAndChilli Tue 05-Dec-17 19:45:17

If you live near me younger welcome to come round so I can breathe on you. I've had horrible flu and literally haven't eaten for a week! Chocolate tastes like sick and pizza tasted like sugar. I've had a couple of bites of things but can't stomach anything. Haven't weighed myself but hoping to have lost a few pounds!!! At least something positive can come out of this, you will have to put up with the feeds and the chills and the cough and the sore throat and the feeling like being hit by a truck coz every inch of your body hurts and your brain feels like it's exploding outnyournhead!!!!

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