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Currys. Delivery dates changed AGAIN!!!

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Obie4 Tue 05-Dec-17 16:32:30

Just wondering if anyone has expirienced this with currys and what the outcome was. And warn other people of the bad service.
Ok so I waited until black Friday to buy my son's Xmas present so that it was more affordable. So after purchasing his ps4 I was glad to finally have my Xmas shopping finished.
When I bought it, it stated 3-5 working day delivery. 3 days later I recived an email stating that they have no stock and delivery will be the week commencing the 4th. Ok that was fine. Spoke to them today just to check and was told I had guaranteed delivery this week.
An hour later I recived an email to say they will no longer be able to deliver and they will have stock on the week commencing the 18th. Cutting it close to Xmas. I phone again as iv already been told I have guaranteed delivery this week. After 2hours and 24 mins on the phone, alot of unhelpful people, being transfered to wrong departments and not getting a straight answer, I'm finally told that they will have no stock until the week of the 18th. Probably towards the end of the week. It then takes them a few days to hand it to courier. So it would be cutting it way to close to Xmas and if they don't recived stock until the Thursday it defanatly won't be delivered before going by there timescales of hand overs ECT..
The bloody woman keeps telling me over and over I shouldn't have been told it was guaranteed when they have no stock. And that I shouldn't cancel as It will be in stock that week.
They have already messed delivery dates around alot, so I don't trust that they will defently have it that week. If I don't recived It, my son will have no present. She made me feel silly for wanting to cancel it as it was such a great deal. Saving over £200. And kept being told I should just wait for something they can't guarantee.
Any one had similar dealings?

araiwa Tue 05-Dec-17 16:42:38

Buy another ps4

If the cheap one arrives in time, take back the expensive one for a refund. If it doesnt, cancel the order

Cheerybigbottom Tue 05-Dec-17 16:45:39

How old is your son? If he's a teenager I think he'd cope with an IOU knowing it was just a few days late.

Obie4 Tue 05-Dec-17 16:48:44

Thing is we are on a tight budget now until payday so couldn't afford another until we have a refund.
Hes 13. I think he would be gutted if he didn't have a present. And all his sister's have there's.
I was so exited. X

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