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Shocking customer service!

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daffodilbrain Tue 05-Dec-17 14:00:27

I bought a rug £650 from Heals at half term. It was due to be delivered 2 weeks later. I had to chase them up but was eventually told it was in the warehouse and due out for delivery. A week later nothing arrived. Anyways it turns out Heals have lost the rug! Many people have been involved looking for this rug. But to no avail it seems. The communication from CS to the buying team has been poor to say the least. With the buying team
Just not responding to CS queries asking if another rug is available. Turns out it's been discontinued. Yesterday I was eventually refunded my money. DH went in to see if my rug was on display sadly it wasn't but found another rug that would just about go. They have offered with 15% off. I said no because the rug I was buying I had a 15% discount voucher and it was new- this is ex display (last one in stock again!) given the inconvenience, the fact they had my money for 6 weeks the fact the rug is ex display - how much discount should I be reasonably holding out for 25%? 50%?

PolentaDream Tue 05-Dec-17 14:05:44

25-40% depending on its condition. They've given you your money back, they're not obligated to do any more. Was it TCR?

daffodilbrain Tue 05-Dec-17 14:15:35

TCR fabrics? Yes it was. I'm
Just appalled that such a famous company should be so unco-ordinated internally. As well as unfazed that a rug had gone missing. Their stock levels must be all over the place!

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