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Ex had Sexsomnia

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elisa2502 Tue 05-Dec-17 13:24:58

I was married many years ago. I divorced in 2004. We had no children etc. Our marriage ended badly. Throughout the last 6 years of the marriage (it lasted 10 years) we did not have sex. My ex used to touch and attempt to rape me in my sleep. I knew he was sleeping.
He used to try and insert fingers into me amongst other things. I used to silently cry and move to avoid his contact.

It has come back to me today as it was on the BBC website, and it has slowly dawned on me it wasn't right.

I'm a teacher so is ex. I'm with a new partner now, we're getting married later this year. I'm blissfully happy.

Should I just leave this well alone as I don't want the past to hurt me. Not sure what to do really it's just the realisation of his behaviour has come back to haunt me today.

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