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To not get baby much for xmas?

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Bouncingbelle Tue 05-Dec-17 07:37:09

Im on a few fb groups for mums & babies. I can't believe I'm buying into peer pressure but everyone seems to have bought their babies loads (and i mean LOADS) for xmas - even asking for advice on loans to get more(!). Now I'm panicking as i've only got my 15 month old a few gifts - a torch (he loves lights), a pretend aquarium (he loves fish), a toy tractor with animals, a personalised wooden toy box & some books. That's it. Dh has just been made redundant so we dont have tons of cash to spare, i have a large family so he will get lots of gifts & I'd rather get him decent presents for his birthday in the summer as he will be walking & at a different stage then so will be needing new things. Am i being sensible or just tight??

hopefulclam Tue 05-Dec-17 07:39:20

That's loads, yadnbu he won't even remeber of it. Keep it for when he's older, I'm sure he will be really happy with any gift at all fgrin

LadyB49 Tue 05-Dec-17 07:40:05

You're being very sensible. Def not tight. 👍

MrsPicklesonSmythe Tue 05-Dec-17 07:40:06

Your baby doesn't care, he'll be more interested in the lights/wrapping paper/general excitement. If other people have more money then sense leave them to it but your son won't suffer because he only got presents he'd actually like for Christmas. You're doing fine.

Mrsemcgregor Tue 05-Dec-17 07:40:12

Completely sensible. Your 15 month old has no concept whatsoever of Christmas or gifts.

I wrapped up a load of bibs, onesies and other practical things for mine when they were babies. The best bit for them was ripping off the wrapping anyway!!!

RhinoGirl Tue 05-Dec-17 07:41:07

Definately sensible! He won’t know any different OP, & like you say he’ll have a few gifts from other people. It’s about making memories and traditions when they are this young.

BertieBotts Tue 05-Dec-17 07:41:15

Sensible. He won't even know it's Christmas.

Loans for Christmas presents is a shocking idea, especially if they already have presents. Anyone doing that will end up in big financial trouble.

00100001 Tue 05-Dec-17 07:41:19

People are considering GETTING LOANS from fund Christmas presents for a baby??????


MsVestibule Tue 05-Dec-17 07:41:26

For my baby’s first Christmas (she was 10 months) I bought her about three presents from a charity shop totalling £10!! Now she’s 10, it’s a little bit more than that...

Seriously, do NOT give into any perceived peer pressure. If they ask what you’re buying him, either lie or say ‘oh, just a few bits, I’ll be buying him more for his birthday’ etc.

00100001 Tue 05-Dec-17 07:42:02

We didn't even bother getting anything for DS for his first Christmas, he was 9 months old

marcopront Tue 05-Dec-17 07:42:44

I agree completely.
I lived overseas and came back for Christmas with my 2.5 month old. I saw no point in buying her presents. I would buy them, wrap them, open them and then carry them back. She would just lie there being a small baby. My step mother disagreed and brought her presents, I only had to open and carry those though.

DivisionBelle Tue 05-Dec-17 07:44:12

Brilliant presents, OP, and you are being very sensible. Our eldest’s first Christmas was a wooden xylophone and a book.

whatkatydidnext1 Tue 05-Dec-17 07:45:55

YOU ARE NOT BEING TIGHT. YOU ARE BEING SENSIBLE. sorry to shout. Do not buy into it seriously.

ImAMarshmellow Tue 05-Dec-17 07:46:06

I'm the same as you OP, we've bought our 15 month old a few bits and did the same for his birthday.

I don't like the Concept of buying loads of gifts, I would rather 5 gifts he would like, compared to 40 gifts he would never bother with.

He'll end up with new toys through the year, he doesn't need them all at once.

AuntieStella Tue 05-Dec-17 07:49:22

What you have bought for your DC is more than mine had as a baby (just a soft toy Tinky Winky). Then again, that baby is now grown up.

Some families have the habit of getting loads of presents, others just don't. You can decide what your own, personal, family style will be.

Lovelilies Tue 05-Dec-17 07:50:51

Last year I got DD2 (6m ) a foil emergency blanket from the £ shop. She loved it!
This year she's 18m and is getting a little dolls pram, she loves them at nursery, and my mum is buying her a doll. And a couple of books.
I'm not being tight, we have more than enough plastic shite toys to wade through on a daily basis!

MrsMotherHen Tue 05-Dec-17 07:51:03

Perfect amount!

We have got our 6 month old.
A crinkly teddy toy thing
Stack toy
A doll
Inflatable roller toy
Thats it cost about £25 in total and i still think its too much she wont have a clue.
My DS2 has
A bike
Kitchen with food and pans
Play doh
Thats all his getting last year he got far too much got over whelmed and threw a tantrum.

allthegoodusernameshavegone Tue 05-Dec-17 07:51:04

Going into dept to purchase more gifts for your children of any age is surely irresponsible parenting.

HRTpatch Tue 05-Dec-17 07:53:45

We never bought anything for their first Xmas. They were 4 months old!!!
People who go into debt are idiots who shouldn't be responsible for children.

LittleLionMansMummy Tue 05-Dec-17 07:53:47

Dd will be 13 months at Christmas. She'll get a stocking because 7yo ds still believes in Father Christmas. She'll get one main present under the tree from father Christmas (£35) and a couple of bath time toys from us. She'll get loads of other things from my family and I think it can get quite obscene. For her first birthday we started off her junior isa instead. Yanbu op. We still don't really 'splash out' even on ds. I'd rather take them on nice holidays and encourage them to appreciate what they have.

starsinyourpies Tue 05-Dec-17 07:54:53

I have bought my 10 month old new socks smile, and a push along car. She will be very happy!

QueenNefertitty Tue 05-Dec-17 07:57:36

Nah very sensible.

I've spent about £100 on my DS who's also 15mo, but it's things that he will use all year. He started walking about 3 months ago, so bought him a scoot along sturdy trike, and a sand and water table because he's obsessed with water ... and sand. It'll last him a fair while. He's got a couple of bath toys too, but other than cheap crayons/ paper/ finger paints/ couple of books, I won't be buying anything else.

Categoric Tue 05-Dec-17 08:00:42

We have never done the masses of presents routine for DCs and actively discourage the GPs from doing so. Partly because they end up overwhelmed and partly because we have nowhere to store everything. Where do people keep all this stuff?

LondonGirl83 Tue 05-Dec-17 08:04:00

Sensible- my DD will be 10 months and she is getting a small toy, book and puzzle. In total it's less than 35 quid.

Aria2015 Tue 05-Dec-17 08:04:59

I’ve got my 2.5 year old 6 gifts and 2 are books and the others just small. He understands what gifts are but still has no real concept of Christmas so I’m saving money while I can! I don’t like the idea of over indulging him anyway but certainly not while he’s still so young. You’re being sensible imo.

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