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to throw out contaminated food??

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saladdays66 Mon 04-Dec-17 22:15:14

H cooked bacon for tea and put half a pack of bacon back in the fridge - on top of some cooked ham.

I hate mixing raw and cooked meat, and I feel sick at the thought that the ham could be contaminated.

FFS. I have told h about this time and time again but he 'forgets'.

I am emetophobic and maybe overly careful about food hygiene. H thinks I am overreacting.

But this is just good food hygiene, isn't it? WWYD? Throw out the ham or not? Both bacon and ham are wrapped in cling film. Gah.

Caulk Mon 04-Dec-17 22:17:00

The pack of bacon on it or the bacon out of a bag, just loose?

Caulk Mon 04-Dec-17 22:17:25

Sorry, just saw the cling film. It’ll be fine! Both are covered.

PinkHeart5914 Mon 04-Dec-17 22:17:31

Meh it wouldn’t bother me. Tbh I just throw my shopping in the fridge any old how, and I’ve never been ill from bacon being next to cooked chicken or whatever

Fintons Mon 04-Dec-17 22:17:53

YANBU, it is just good food hygiene and it would bother me too. However I have just eaten chocolate 6 months out of date which didn't bother me. Lots of people would care about the meat but many wouldn't

sausagerollsrock Mon 04-Dec-17 22:18:19

The ham will be absolutely fine to eat.

MadForlt Mon 04-Dec-17 22:19:01

Don't throw it out. If you aren't happy to eat it, feed it to H, he would, I'm sure, be happy to eat it.

PurplePillowCase Mon 04-Dec-17 22:19:39

but I hate waste, so would use both bacon & ham for soup.

MarthaArthur Mon 04-Dec-17 22:19:46

Op i have ocd and fear contamination like mad but the ham is covered the bacons not touching it so its not contaminated.

Etymology23 Mon 04-Dec-17 22:20:31

It's wrapped - it'll be fine! I am a fairly concerned person when it comes to food poisoning because a bout can knock me off my feet for weeks or even months. But both items were wrapped - they are therefore separated and the risk is minimal.

If I was really concerned I might make eg a pasta dish with ham so the ham was heated through before eating. But I really don't think that it's necessary.

saladdays66 Mon 04-Dec-17 22:22:31

Thanks, all.
Hmm. So I might be unreasonable. Surely not!!! OK. (I won't tell dh.)

Will cook the bacon for sandwiches in the morning. And will think about the ham.

AdoraBell Mon 04-Dec-17 22:25:21

Let him eat the ham, you eat the bacon.

Glumglowworm Mon 04-Dec-17 22:31:21

It’s not good practice but if both are securely wrapped it will be fine. You could rewrap the ham if you’re concerned.

But I’ve totally been where you are, I had severe emetophobia in my late teens, 18 year old me wouldn’t have had bacon at all tbh, if someone else had it and put it on top of something of mine I would’ve binned it as well.

So you will be fine, but I know how horrible emetophobia is so don’t beat yourself up if you do bin it

Hiphopopotamus Mon 04-Dec-17 22:33:19

To be honest bacon is so cured and processed you could probably eat it raw with no ill effects.

It’s not going to have any effect wrapped up on top of wrapped up ham

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