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To think that this is truly atrocious service from DPD

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TriJo Mon 04-Dec-17 16:58:00

Ordered a double pram and car seat on Black Friday, did it then as I was signed off work for a week due to minor pregnancy complications and knew I'd be around at home to sign for it early the following week.

So as not to drip feed - inner London borough, no safe places outside for deliveries, all neighbours work and I don't drive so hauling a boxed double pram from a pickup shop or home from work on the tube is not an acceptable option - I'm 30 weeks pregnant and very physically uncomfortable already. The pram needed to arrive with me at home to sign for it.

Get a delivery email - Monday, DPD, noon-ish. Grand so.

Monday rolls around and only the car seat comes. Contact seller, they have sent them together so they should be delivered together. By the end of the day it's come out that the pram never made it onto the van that day. It's missing in their depot and they need "3-5 days" to search for it. There has also been a serious arse-covering exercise on the tracker. I try to communicate via literally every channel I can, like talking to a wall and nobody knows what to say at all. It's like my pram has disappeared into the ether.

Thursday morning I need to head to my scheduled midwife appointment. Pram has magically turned up in their Enfield depot, and of course these bumbling idiots insist that the one hour when I'm out for this appointment is the only time they could possibly deliver and fix their cockup. I ring customer services, wait half an hour, talk to some "computer says no" dope. Ask to escalate to a supervisor, am promised a callback within 4 working hours and let's just say it's now Monday 4pm and I haven't got it. I then put the delivery off until today just to stop them from doing anything stupid with it.

I had to get into work this morning after coming back from sick leave so I could arrange a work from home day with my boss so I can accept the delivery. I did that, changed the delivery to Thursday through their system (twice!) before they had a chance to load the pram and send a delivery slot for today and yet they still went out to try and deliver it today despite the fact that I had requested to change the date. Now being stonewalled again after trying to email them. I've been in touch with the seller too and they're genuinely shocked at how badly messed up this has been but still can't make DPD be in any way helpful or cooperative despite the fact that they messed up.

AIBU to be seriously pissed off at the whole thing and to want to avoid DPD like the plague in future if this is what I should expect from them?

ArchchancellorsHat Mon 04-Dec-17 17:00:38

Royal Mail once told me they couldn't deliver my parcel as it was too big - not too big to accept and take the money for, just too big to deliver. No advice but I sympathise

tampinfuminragin Mon 04-Dec-17 17:47:43

Dpd can deliver to matalan instead and you can collect within 14 days of it being delivered there.

Is that an option for you OP? It's really annoying.

TriJo Mon 04-Dec-17 18:58:59

No Matalan near me. Box is realistically too big for me to walk home with or take on public transport anyway.

MilfordFound Mon 04-Dec-17 19:05:40

Write a bad review on trust pilot. I wrote a bad review about a dpd delivery driver not knocking on my door to even attempt delivery, he just took a photo to prove the attempt and walked away! Within 5 minutes of me posting the bad review I had a call from dpd customer services and they sorted it and made the driver come back later in the day.
Hope you get it sorted!

TriJo Tue 05-Dec-17 09:07:23

Have done that Milford, not holding out much hope though given the general standard of communication these numptys have shown so far.

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