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Xtrabroken Mon 04-Dec-17 16:31:01

We are imo fairly quiet for neighbours. We don't play loud music, kids are out from 7am to 6pm and we are away at weekends at a relatives. They are older too.

So literally 6pm to bed time at 9pm during the week is the only times my kids are home.

Neighbour however seems to beg to differ. She complains to other neighbours that my kids are like elephants (one is disabled so walks heavily) but we have put rugs and carpets down to cut out the noise. (flat)

Complaints otherwise have been:

Disabled dc fell out of bed
Dc knocked a lamp over
When putting a new bed together in the middle of the day and made a noise.

Because of this we are apparently really noisy.

The thing is she is really bloody noisy herself but refuses to acknowledge it!

We can

Hear her TV over ours
She bangs the front door every time she goes through it at 4am to go to work waking everyone up.
Slams every internal door when they go through it.
Hits the walls with the hoover so hard it sounds awful.


19lottie82 Mon 04-Dec-17 16:33:24

Ignore her. If she continues to moan tell her it’s normal living noise, but if she is convince otherwise she is welcome to call the noise team at the local council for their advice. They will tell her the exact same thing.

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