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Xmas cards

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KingLear Mon 04-Dec-17 00:09:42

Hi all
Just needing some advice on Xmas cards. We are on talking terms with the neighbours, not close but we say hello the few times we see each other. First time we moved in I think we got some but I didn't send any because I was quite ill. The following year I sent to all and got none back and I haven't bothered since. Also they haven't bothered to send anymore as well.Is that wrong or should I keep sending even though I don't get any back?

LoniceraJaponica Mon 04-Dec-17 00:15:40

I think generally fewer people bother with cards these days. I have cut my list a lot. I wouldn't bother.

ThisLittleKitty Mon 04-Dec-17 00:18:57

I wouldn't. Ive never received an Xmas card from a neighbour, not once.

BlogOfTheNothing Mon 04-Dec-17 01:58:59

We only send cards the DC have made to close friends and family, I don't bother with any others. Grandparents love them, randoms would be WTF.

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