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The erosion of women

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IHATEPeppaPig Sun 03-Dec-17 22:14:00

I know, I know 'not another Trans thread' BUT, I am truly interested in people's opinions on this - I was always of the thought that I don't really care how anyone expresses themselves, carry on as you wish and I do still think this to varying degrees but I am concerned about the Trans agenda moving forwards and the erosion of women and reading through Twitter I found the following articles attached to this tweet:

I'm not personally interested in breastfeeding or giving birth. But the #terf assumption that these abilities are "biologically" reserved for AFAB is just one thing: wrong.

Now, I found the second article creepy - particularly where they mention that they 'got off' on breastfeeding and I'm not entirely sure how factual it actually is but it's scary that people are using this to prove how defunct 'ciswomen' (I HATE this term) are?

LemonShark Sun 03-Dec-17 22:17:07

want opinions? Okay: trans women are women.

And women (I assume you mean cis women, which is relevant to this post) are not being 'eroded'. We'll be fine.

My kingdom for a trans board 🙄

Thehairthebod Sun 03-Dec-17 22:18:08

want opinions? Okay: trans women are women.

How so, exactly?

Mawalls Sun 03-Dec-17 22:20:33

>trans women are women.

then what is a woman?

VladmirsPoutine Sun 03-Dec-17 22:21:27

I know it's not the point you're making but arousal during breast-feeding whilst not the most common experience for most women, can and does happen.

bellasuewow Sun 03-Dec-17 22:22:03

Lemon how exactly do you define women? Please don’t use the term cis women, it means nothing, if you must use a prefix perhaps real women would be more apt.

ZigZagandDustin Sun 03-Dec-17 22:22:28

I'm with you Lemon. Totally in agreement. Thank god there's someone else.

JeReviens Sun 03-Dec-17 22:22:37

Trans women are not women.

Cis women is not even a thing - since women are women. The end.

<<<hides thread>>> <<<again>>>

IHATEPeppaPig Sun 03-Dec-17 22:22:48

@VladmirsPoutine oh I know, but I think I'm the context of the whole article it just made me cringe.

CisCucumber Sun 03-Dec-17 22:23:06

Trans women are women is as meaningless less as brexit means brexit
Unless we want a red white and blue trans woman then it makes perfect sense hmm

DailyMailReadersAreThick Sun 03-Dec-17 22:23:25

want opinions? Okay: trans women are women.

And women (I assume you mean cis women, which is relevant to this post) are not being 'eroded'. We'll be fine.

My kingdom for a trans board 🙄

Agreed. Sick of the TERFs on mumsnet.

LemonShark Sun 03-Dec-17 22:23:42

There's plenty of stuff out there if you use google. 😊

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I'm not arguing to change yours, simply giving mine.

Grilledaubergines Sun 03-Dec-17 22:24:18

Trans women are NOT women. And this “cis” crap is ridiculous. I’m a woman, not a cis woman.

Wearing a pair of trousers Nd calling myself “Keith” because that’s who I feel like today, doesn’t make me a man.

lljkk Sun 03-Dec-17 22:24:56


LemonShark Sun 03-Dec-17 22:25:12

Yes board overrun with TERFs. But they're not unanimous, they just shout the loudest. How many threads do you see started by posters asserting trans women are women or celebrating the progression of trans women in our society! TERFs are losing ground and thank god!

AssassinatedBeauty Sun 03-Dec-17 22:26:02

I think using an offensive slur to describe women you disagree with probably undermines your credibility.

terfing Sun 03-Dec-17 22:26:27

'Cis' implies that I have chosen to be a woman. This is not the case. If I could choose, I'd probably choose to be male!

Please use 'natal', rather than 'cis'.

DailyMailReadersAreThick Sun 03-Dec-17 22:27:11

Yes board overrun with TERFs. But they're not unanimous, they just shout the loudest

Yes - they turn every thread into an echo chamber because nobody can be bothered with their bleating, and so they think everyone agrees with them. Sad, really.

IHATEPeppaPig Sun 03-Dec-17 22:27:48

@LemonShark I'm not disagreeing with you, I found the tweet and the attached articles needlessly aggressive towards women, it's pretty much saying 'you have no use' - well, that's how I read it and was canvassing opinions.

I am a bit of a fence sitter with the Trans debate but I did read this tweet and articles and thought 'hmmmm, is this for real'.

bellasuewow Sun 03-Dec-17 22:28:18

This is at the expense of women’s and gay people’s rights. In time you will peak (hopefully)

terfing Sun 03-Dec-17 22:28:18

Furthermore, I can assure you that it is not just MN that is 'terfy'. Have a look at The Guardian readers' comments or even the DM. Most people are gender critical.

zzzzz Sun 03-Dec-17 22:28:58

I don’t know what terf means but trans women are trans women and nothing they do can change that. I think it’s better to face that full on than get her up about it.

LemonShark Sun 03-Dec-17 22:30:42

Yep daily mail. I wouldn't waste my time arguing with racists or homophobes on here to defend someone's basic human dignity so I'm sure as shit not wading into yet another transphobic echo chamber thread.

Very heartened to see others in agreement though. When most threads re this issue turn into nasty hateful cesspits it's easy to miss the people who post in support of trans rights, and I'm sure the majority of people who support trans women and men just click on by for reasons I mentioned above. Have a great evening!

SummatFishyEre Sun 03-Dec-17 22:30:49

Transwomen are not women. Women are not cis women

EnthusiasmIsDisturbed Sun 03-Dec-17 22:31:14

So Women are backing down from being told how being a women is now being defined by men who know better

grin keep dreaming no it’s just now many more women are waking up to this rubbish

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