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To ask your stories of seriously misjudged Christmas presents..?

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caoraich Sun 03-Dec-17 22:02:55

I know it's only December 3rd but ...

Just collected DH from the airport. He had popped home (a short flight) to visit his mum, who we won't be seeing at Christmas and who gave him our gift to take away.

She assured him it was hand-luggage friendly and it was very nicely wrapped. He got to security: "Excuse me, sir, please step this way". He then had to unwrap the gift in front of a selection of severe-looking security people. What was it?

A set of six Christmas-themed steak knives. Fucking steak knives. In the hand luggage. With snowmen on. let's not even discuss the fact that I'm a vegetarian


Please tell me I'm not the only recipient of well-meaning but wildly mis-judged gifts? On the plus side, when we phoned to explain to MIL that unfortunately they did not make it to their destination and were unwrapped rather prematurely, she found the whole thing utterly hilarious.

MissBeehiving Sun 03-Dec-17 22:12:50

This year, FIL bought DS (8) a subscription to “nature” , a scientific journal aimed at research scientists 🙄

QOD Sun 03-Dec-17 22:14:53

It IS hilarious but it really might not have been. What a twat thing to do. Did she kinda have no clue or just trying to slip it thru security?

caoraich Sun 03-Dec-17 22:20:17

Brilliant, Beehiving - we have a subscription at work and I must say despite our best intentions even the academics let it gather dust grin

QOD I think it was just no clue. Last year she tried to post me a large bottle of perfume which was confiscated by royal mail, and so I think this time DH focused on the "there's DEFINITELY no liquids in there, yes?" chat and neglected the potentially deadly weapons one.

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