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Greedy Bastard

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Butterfr33 Sun 03-Dec-17 21:01:01

I know he is doing nothing illegal but morally, he is a twat.

A man on Facebook has bought a good few 'fingerlings' that are now sold out everywhere. Their RRP is £15, he's sells them for £25. It just makes my blood boil angry.

AIBU to think he's a CF?

CorbynsBumFlannel Sun 03-Dec-17 21:03:09

When you consider the mark up there must be on them in the shops he's no worse really.
I'd be wary of buying them from Facebook though as there are fake ones apparently!

DorisDangleberry Sun 03-Dec-17 21:04:04

Why? Purely supply and demand. He saw a market, bought a load and is now flogging them to mugs who are prepared to pay over the odds. If you are prepared to pay the price, buy one. If not, buy something else

QueenUnicorn Sun 03-Dec-17 21:04:45

Everything is sold for a profit, he is making money just as the shops are....

ZigZagandDustin Sun 03-Dec-17 21:05:29

I've no issue with him doing that. Just wouldn't buy one.

Butterfr33 Sun 03-Dec-17 21:05:31

Luckily a lot of stores have now introduced a 'one per customer' policy!

CaptainMarvelDanvers Sun 03-Dec-17 21:05:38

Just googled them, I can’t believe someone would pay more than a fiver for a pencil topper.

Yeah, it’s not the most pleasant of behaviour.

Liara Sun 03-Dec-17 21:05:52

They are toys, nobody actually needs them. He is hardly depriving anyone of something essential.

He is making a living just like any retailer does. Not greedy at all.

honeyravioli Sun 03-Dec-17 21:14:57

It's called capitalism. It is literally how the world works.
He is neither a greedy bastard nor a cheeky fucker, he's a businessman.

FilledSoda Sun 03-Dec-17 21:17:10

He isn't a twat at all, it's business.
You don't have to buy them.

VladmirsPoutine Sun 03-Dec-17 21:22:02

This is literally capitalism. Have you never encountered it in basically every single area of society?

steff13 Sun 03-Dec-17 21:22:19

We got our daughter one for Christmas. We paid regular retail on Amazon. If we hadn't gotten it, she just wouldn't have one. I'm not paying a crazy mark-up. But, if people are willing to pay it, I guess that's on them.

Carriecakes80 Sun 03-Dec-17 21:28:57

But...but...I wouldn't pay 15p for one of those things! lol. They're awful, like the bloody 'amazing' Furby that all the kids once wanted...where are they now?? Thrown up in the loft to scare innocent mums getting the decs out when they start f&^%$ing talking to you out of nowhere!

I reckon they say that the kids 'top toys' is all the rubbishy crap no kid wants to buy the rest of the year!!!!

Hoppinggreen Sun 03-Dec-17 21:30:27

He’s hardly buying up all the stocks of baby milk or vital love fe saving medicines is he?
No issue with it at all. I made a few quid selling Mogs last year

GreenTulips Sun 03-Dec-17 21:32:16

^He is making a living just like any retailer does. Not greedy at all*

Assume he's paying tax then?

LipstickHandbagCoffee Sun 03-Dec-17 21:33:03

Son is simply working supply and demand mechanism
You should be chuffed he’s so enterprising

Katedotness1963 Sun 03-Dec-17 21:33:10

There are people doing this every year with the "must have toy this Christmas". Personally, if I can find the must have toy I put it into a charity box.

Viviennemary Sun 03-Dec-17 21:34:20

I don't think that's a very big mark-up to be fair. Lots of people are doing this.

DollyPartonsBeard Sun 03-Dec-17 21:34:22


I've got three Furbies, they're great! My young relatives love playing with them
misses point

SylviaTietjens Sun 03-Dec-17 21:34:22

Ye Gods, every year people pissed off with others taking advantage of capitalism to make money. I always think the people who start these threads are the same ones who sign petitions on Facebook demanding hotels do cheaper deals in school holidays.

Wishingandwaiting Sun 03-Dec-17 21:36:19

No problem with this at all.


TheHolidayArmadillo Sun 03-Dec-17 21:37:15

he's a businessman.

Paying tax on his profits?

SmiledWithTheRisingSun Sun 03-Dec-17 21:37:20

What's a fingerling? hmm

GreenTulips Sun 03-Dec-17 21:39:13

Also the manufacturers create these crazys its good advertising

Bumbumtaloo Sun 03-Dec-17 21:39:54

It would be interesting to see if they are actually genuine ones. I’m far to bloody invested in these! Lots of fakes have flooded the market so he may not actually make a lot of money on them as people are now more aware.

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