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Am I hormonal and grumpy or is he an arse

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Pickledonion24 Sun 03-Dec-17 17:59:23

I don’t really do social media but every now and then I put a picture up on Instagram. I’ve put a few up over the last 2 years of my partner and I or just my partner he’s put quite a few up a few years ago of us but none since. it’s all about his car or him doing stuff. He never comments or likes my photos but today commented on a photo of me in front of his car with the caption of somthing like the car looks shiny or the car needs a clean. Apart from feeling like he likes his car more than me and second best. It all sounds so trivial I know but he’s spent six months on the bloody thing. I mentioned the comment on Instagram and he said it’s who comments on there girlfriends photos with somthing nice. He also said it was a joke and the car guys would find it funny I think there are deeper issues other than the comment but it’s just topped me over the edge. I know it’s so stupid we be both seem to be acting like 5 years olds to

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