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To give up my friendships?

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Pinkpowerofthought Sun 03-Dec-17 17:28:03

I work full time. Don't get two days off in a row either so usually just have one day to get everything done in the house, shopping, activity with dd. It's quite full on.
We have not long bought a house that needs a bit of work, so every spare moment is used to decorate or do jobs with dp.
I love arranging to meet with my best friend once a month or so for shopping and coffee or a meal and drinks etc. We are both busy so appreciate the time we do get together.
My issue is I have friends that stay far away who always call at inconvienent times like when I'm at work or cooking and serving dinner, or just when I'm in the middle of something. Their chats can last an hour and I dread picking the phone up cause I know I'm going to be held back.

Because of my shifts I find it hard to take any time off to visit or have them up. They always arrange to come up here mid week on their annual leave and want to meet up after work. I am knackered after work. I have school run and dinners to make. Clubs dd goes to etc. I can't relax with them when I have other things going on.
When I have annual leave I spend it with dd and family as we rarely get much quality time together.
If my friends lived closer I could arrange to meet up for coffee or come round and they can always go home again within a few hours.
I just don't feel I have the time or head space for long distance friendships and it's stressing me out. I know I'm a shit friend.
My friends don't have kids either so they can travel here with no strings. If I visit them I need to arrange childcare for a couple of nights which just isn't possible

Does anyone else feel like they just don't have the time or headspace for friendships? I am an introvert and like my own space and my own company. It doesn't bother me. But I love having a friend to catch up with and have a laugh with, maybe I'm just a one friend kind of person?

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