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To expect my husband to understand a little how I'm feeling

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rainfall85 Sun 03-Dec-17 15:49:30

I had a chemical pregnancy a few days ago started Thursday. I have two children already and have had 3 miscarriages also one at 6 weeks, 10 weeks and 11 weeks. The chemical didn't hit me as hard as the miscarriage though as I had tested early and I know they're common in the early stages of pregnancy but I was still upset. My husband hasn't been great with me and I feel very much alone. He's gone out as planned Friday night, stayed overnight with his friends as planned. He asked me why I am in a bad mood all weekend and I got really upset because it was like he just doesn't understand. He told me I'm not psychic I would have stayed with you if you had asked. I argued with him saying I shouldn't have to ask he should offer as me asking him to stay gives him reason to tell his friends I didn't want him going out. Being honest I didn't mind him going out and even if he suggested staying in with me I would have told him to go but would have been flattered to know he put me ahead of some night out but what got me was him asking why I was moaney all weekend.

MatildaTheCat Sun 03-Dec-17 16:28:56

I’m sorry. That’s very tough for you. Unfortunately some people do need to be told in words of one syllable what you feel and what you would like them to do.

I hope you feel better soon. Do you have anyone close you can confide in?

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