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Grandparents being unfair

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Antisocialarsebadger Sun 03-Dec-17 13:19:22

We are a blended family. DH has two kids from a previous relationship and I have one . We've been together for 10 years since the kids were very little. My DD does not have a relationship with her paternal grandparents as they have never bthered with her. We have obviously always been very careful to ensure the children are treated equally and fairly. My dsds live half here and half with mum. There have been numerous incidents over the years where DH parents have favoured their bio grandchildren. Last time they were told quite firmly to pack it in by DH who made it clear that he considered he had three children and they needed to be fair with regards to gifts and time to all three.

So to yesterday, dsds informed us that they were picked up from mum's by grandparents, taken shopping and out for tea and then out to Christmas markets as a treat. They were bought new shoes and games for their ps4. Dd has just said oh in a little small voice and then pretended she's not bothered.

I am fucking raging. It's not fair . DH has said he will speak with them but I'm reluctant so close to Christmas for a family row. Part of me thinks I should say something myself but I know I'll angry cry.

I know she isn't their g child, I know I can't force their love, but I feel they should be fair. AIBU to get on the phone and tell MIL how pissed I am

Antisocialarsebadger Sun 03-Dec-17 13:20:00

Oh arse this was meant to be in AIBU

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