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Neighbour issues.

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TheEdgeOfGlory266 Sat 02-Dec-17 22:36:24

We've been living in our home for 2 months now and absolutely love it. It's so quiet apart from at night between 10 and 11. There is one house across the road. Both of them are home all day everyday. They have two children, one around 3ish and the other looks to be 12ish. They have people visiting constantly and have their windows blacked out permanently - which makes me slightly suspicious about what they do in the house. Anyway, without fail everynight one of them goes out between 10 and 11. They fully slam their car doors as loud as they possibly can, have the music turned up in the car and more often than not take the kids with them-regardless of the day of the week-we can here the kids messing around. Over the last week it's getting slightly more annoying. He pulls up outside the house - within the normal time frame - and beeps his horn to let her know he's home and then she comes and unlocks the front door from him. We have a young child and another on the way so the last thing we want is them being woken up. While I appreciate 10-11 isn't late for some people, it is for my little boy who is in bed by 7. My husband tonight became quite pissed off and I had to stop him going out there to confront him. From what I gather from another neighbour, these people drove away the previous owners of my house so I don't want to get into any agro with them and I'm worried they will make life 100% worse. I feel so annoyed because I absolutely love living here. We can't just afford to sell up and I wouldn't do that over this but it is becoming frustrating. Aibu to stop my husband confronting them? WWYD?

Chrys2017 Sat 02-Dec-17 22:41:03

If asking them politely doesn't work...

Using a horn when stationary is illegal unless it is to warn of danger.
This is covered by the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986

Use of audible warning instruments

Subject to the following paragraphs, no person shall sound, or cause or permit to be sounded, any horn, gong, bell or siren fitted to or carried on a vehicle which is—
(a)stationary on a road, at any time, other than at
times of danger due to another moving vehicle on or near the road;
(b)in motion on a restricted road, between 23.30
hours and 07.00 hours in the following morning.

Get the registration number and call your local police station.
They may well ignore you at first but if you keep calling them something may get done.

Chrys2017 Sat 02-Dec-17 22:42:20

^ That was on Money Saving Expert by the way. I remembered seeing it before.

Barbiesears Sat 02-Dec-17 22:43:48

If it's only between 10 and 11, I'd just be glad that's all it was and that it was regular enough that I could prepare for it to start and end. It could be so so so much worse.

TheEdgeOfGlory266 Sat 02-Dec-17 22:47:05

Thank you, interesting to know. I'm not usually a "grassing up" kind of person but I am slightly annoyed. It's such a lovely area most of the homes are owned except the three terraced houses across the road, which is where they live. Every new estate in my area has to have a certain amount of social housing and they're the ones for this area. Would it be worth contacting the local housing association and informing them? Like I said, I hate to do that but it's either that or sleepless nights for my children.

TheEdgeOfGlory266 Sat 02-Dec-17 22:48:23

You're right @Barbiesears. It's more annoying because my son's window is right at the front of the house and he has been woken up more than once. A grumpy toddler is not fun.

Chrys2017 Sat 02-Dec-17 22:52:19

Yes, I would try the housing association first and ask them to send a letter. They are interfering with your 'quiet enjoyment' of your property.

Barbiesears Sat 02-Dec-17 22:55:14

I totally get what you mean but it's probably worth bearing in mind what housing associations get reports on for comparison. Drugs, violence, noise in the actual night. A bit of household noise when someone is coming home will seem like nothing compared to some of the other reports they'll get. For example, I've had to report my neighbours because one was trying to break her own door down to attack her boyfriend and was screaming "I'll make your life a living hell you fuck". I'd swap that kind of stuff for a horn beeping grin

TheEdgeOfGlory266 Sat 02-Dec-17 22:57:48

Eeeek @Barbiesears that sounds like no fun.

Barbiesears Sat 02-Dec-17 22:59:24

It wasn't the most fun moment of living here haha! grin

Chrys2017 Sat 02-Dec-17 23:00:47

You could just speak to them yourselves—not when you're angry, though. They might not know they are annoying anyone (hard as that is to believe).
The problem with that is that if they are not going to cooperate and you then have to report them, they will know it was you.

TheEdgeOfGlory266 Sat 02-Dec-17 23:04:57

@Chrys2017 it's weird because I'm not usually one to keep quiet about things, I'm a bit of a gobby cow but these people just don't seem them type of people you could have a reasonable conversation with. Especially after speaking to their lovely neigbours and them telling me that the old owners of our house had loads of trouble with them. They were obviously bad enough to drive them away. I'm about to birth soon and that's the last thing I need.

TheEdgeOfGlory266 Sat 02-Dec-17 23:06:06

You can tell that they genuinely don't care about who they piss off

tiptopteepe Sat 02-Dec-17 23:33:09

Id try and relax a bit about to be honest. I can see why you are annoyed but in the grand scheme of neighbours this actually sounds pretty mild. I wouldnt confront them as they dont sound like decent people and you would risk escalating the situation. As long as they fall quiet by midnight I would personally say that that was good going. I have a toddler and am pregnant and I live in the centre of a city and honestly this is just how it is. We get so much street noise here that id go insane if i were worrying about car doors slamming.

I appreciate that this doesnt help you much but I do think that you may encounter similar problems wherever you live unless you go live in the middle of nowhere. Id try and find ways to relax about it if its only for that hour in the night. It really could be and often is, so much worse. Theres not a lot you can do without making this situation worse it sounds. It doesnt seem like theres quite enough noise for you to record and give to the police.

TheEdgeOfGlory266 Sat 02-Dec-17 23:36:51

@tiptopteepe thank you for that. Maybe I'm just a bit hormonal. It's just really bloody annoying when people seem to have zero consideration for others. I know if it was out at that time I would try and be quiet. It's cul de sac, so usually really quiet apart from them. Think my husband was just bit annoyed by the horn beeping tonight and it was quite a few times and woke my 2 year old up.

Eltonjohnssyrup Sat 02-Dec-17 23:40:24

I would go and speak to them in a friendly way. Introduce yourself and tell them you've just moved in, don't be combative, be pleasant. At the end of the conversation say something like 'I'm really sorry if it's a pain, but would you mind calling your partner on her mobile to let her know you're here rather than beeping the horn, it's waking our little one up'. That way you sort of soften them up a bit before you ask.

The rest of it is pretty much irrelevant. They may well have their windows blacked out because they are overlooked. What the neighbour said was gossip.

FlexTimeCheekyFucker Sat 02-Dec-17 23:40:26

Did the people you bought your house from disclose their problems with the neighbours?

TheEdgeOfGlory266 Sat 02-Dec-17 23:48:26

@Eltonjohnssyrup I smiled at her once and said hello, and was greeted with a death stare. They're not exactly approachable. I'll just leave it. Like others have said, it could be worse.

@FlexTimeCheekyFucker no nothing was said.

dentalplanlisaneedsbraces Sun 03-Dec-17 05:16:02

I wouldn't approach them. If the previous owners left they are well aware of their behaviour. I'd go straight up the housing association.

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