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To wonder how common gaslighting is?

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Hiptrip Sat 02-Dec-17 11:01:33

ConciseandNice Sat 02-Dec-17 11:09:31

I was with someone for 4 years who did exactly what is talked about in this link. It makes for depressing reading.

I also wasn't allowed to lock the bathroom door. or even go in there alone.

I wasn't allowed to sleep. If I yawned I got hit.

I wasn't allowed to listen to music I liked, nor admit to liking anything just in case it didn't meet with his approval.

I wasn't allowed to say no to sex.

I was alone with no family or friends, because he managed to get me entirely isolated.

The list goes on......

DesignedForLife Sat 02-Dec-17 11:16:39

Concise, so glad you got out, that sounds hell.

I was with a guy once who was like this, but not quite so extreme. But he was trying his best to make & keep me ill and say that I couldn't cope without him. Thank goodness I saw the light quickly and got out after 6 months. Those 6 months were the worst of my life.

mustbemad17 Sat 02-Dec-17 11:17:31

I think it's more common than people realise - the terminology is fairly new, but the reality is ages old. I'm glad this is slowly being recognised as a very serious issue

ConciseandNice Sat 02-Dec-17 11:29:48

So, prompted by this thread I just looked up my narcissist ex on Facebook. Why oh why did I do that.

It turns out he is now living his life as a woman. His FB is full of links to women's groups and feminist stuff. I hate him so much, my stomach is full of acid.

This man raped me with a broken bottle.
He destroyed me physically.

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