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...or is a nice bed impossible to find?!

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SpangledBoots Thu 30-Nov-17 22:06:34

I've been looking for weeks!

My criteria is:
- double
- to go in a pale grey room - so white, grey or metallic (no wood or fabric in case they don't look quite right)
- possibility of under bed storage would be nice but not essential

Why is this so impossible to find? Am I just being far too choosy?

ToadOfSadness Thu 30-Nov-17 22:28:09

I needed a 4ft bed to fit a room. It took a while but I found a white metal frame bed with wooden slatted base on Ebay which was just what I wanted, however I actually searched every listing in the size rather than using the search terms because they tend to miss things out.

I bought a mattress from an independent shop which took a lot longer as I tried them all for hours, went to lunch then went back and tried them again to be sure of getting the right one. It is the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in.

They seem to appear for sale in phases so maybe you need to keep looking until new stuff is available.

OverinaFlash Thu 30-Nov-17 22:31:06

Have you tried the Cotswold Company?

hazelnutlatte Thu 30-Nov-17 22:32:37

My IKEA bed is all of those things

DowntonCrabby Thu 30-Nov-17 22:32:59

We have this, it is fabric but against a dark grey wall I think works well. The gas lift ottoman storage is AMAZING!!

AlcoholicsUnanimous Thu 30-Nov-17 22:34:10

Warren Evans do some beds in white.

thecatsthecats Thu 30-Nov-17 22:53:46

We got a cheaper version of this from Benson's, but this is the nice one.

I have the bed and now want the pale grey walls (trying to wean fiance onto the idea).

retirednow Thu 30-Nov-17 22:58:03

Hypnos, sooooooo comfortable. Expensive but worth every penny.

FlouncyDoves Thu 30-Nov-17 23:02:06

Another vote for Ikea. We have a few of their beds - excellent

kally195 Thu 30-Nov-17 23:27:22

We got our bed from the Cornish Bed Company

We paired it with a Hypnos mattress. Worth every penny - no other bed measures up!

Acrosstheuniverse123 Thu 30-Nov-17 23:30:29

Is there anywhere you can try Hypnos mattresses?

beelover Thu 30-Nov-17 23:34:25

Premier Inn beds are Hypnos.

retirednow Fri 01-Dec-17 00:09:21

You can buy the premier inn bed on the hypnos website. You can buy the other range in stores or online

Rebeccaslicker Fri 01-Dec-17 00:12:47

We got a lovely one with a grey frame and headboard - we went for a tempur mattress but you can have any mattress - we went first to "and so to bed" and they priced it all up... £7,000!!!

Went to bensons for beds instead and got it for a much more realistic price! You could try their website and see if they have anything you like?

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