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AIBU to not know what to buy people I don't know but will be spending Xmas with?

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Honeybooboo123 Thu 30-Nov-17 10:28:56

Having a big Xmas away, with family members of SIL's partners family. So, one family with a DH, DW, and two kids, and then two grandparents, one of whom I have met once.

We'll need to buy something, it will be expected, and the two kids are around my DC ages so I can do that ok, but what about the four adults. What sort of thing would be appropriate?

ShowMeTheElf Thu 30-Nov-17 10:34:04

Alcohol, toiletries, stationery. Basically all the stuff they sell in 'gift sets' that no-one gives to people they know. Just generic nice things. Don't overthink: token gifts are all that's required.

dkb15164 Thu 30-Nov-17 10:39:18

Chocolates or traditional local sweets are always a safe bet - I had a flatmate from turkey who bought really cheap Turkish delight and then gave it to people knowing they wouldn't saying anything if they didn't like it in case it offended her.

Honeybooboo123 Thu 30-Nov-17 10:42:17

LOL good plan.

ComtesseDeSpair Thu 30-Nov-17 10:47:46

Agree - chocolates or sweets, particularly "traditional" or "local" ones if you're from a region noted for that (tablet and macaroons if from Scotland, fudge from Devon or Cornwall etc) Or a small hamper for each couple. Even if people don't like or eat sweets or chocolate, they're always useful to have to pass around when you have guests for dinner or whatever.

MrsHathaway Thu 30-Nov-17 11:33:51

You could ask SIL if there's anything general they're particularly into or hate (eg are they massive gardeners or teetotal or vegan or diabetic or horribly allergic to everything) and then choose generic gifts which are at least vaguely appropriate.

Gloves - TK Maxx always have decent leather or wool for token prices.
Sweets/chocolates - PPs' comments about local items are brilliant.

Definitely some "host" gifts, btw, eg a pot plant/bottle of wine/big box of chocolates.

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius Thu 30-Nov-17 11:56:50

I would go for edible gifts - Waitrose are doing half price on all their boxed chocolates tomorrow. You could do a hamper of nice things - posh teabags or coffee, biscuits, jams - the sort of thing that comes in handy over Christmas.

Honeybooboo123 Thu 30-Nov-17 15:34:05

thanks for your suggestions, I'll get shopping smile

hellsbellsmelons Thu 30-Nov-17 15:35:33

Just something for the hosts.
If they drink, it's Christmas so it's a bottle of bubbles and a bottle of decent port!
Job done.

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