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Woman charges family £30 per adult for Christmas dinner!

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Butterfr33 Thu 30-Nov-17 07:55:41

There's a lady whose story is circulating online and has appeared on 'This Morning'. She charges the adults in her family £30 each for food and drinks for Christmas Day. This has caused a lot of outrage!

AIBU to agree with her? One person can't be expected to pay for 12+ people's food and drinks, of course the should contribute! In the past she's tried 'bring a dish' but people were unreliable and most would forget!

TrinitySquirrel Thu 30-Nov-17 07:56:56

Totally reasonable imo. Unless she's a billionaire.

Heckneck Thu 30-Nov-17 07:57:37

I think it depends. It's not like you're under any obligation to make them dinner. But if they're happy to put money in towards the food then that's fine.

glow1984 Thu 30-Nov-17 07:58:12

YANBU. I agree with her. They shouldn't think of it as a charge, but as paying their fair share!

Jasminedes Thu 30-Nov-17 07:59:13

Easier than all bringing something, if they are all happy. Logistically easier. Although might come with a bit of pressure.

ShowMeTheElf Thu 30-Nov-17 07:59:37

If she's catering for 12 people of whom 6 are adults and the rest are their children then 30 per adult reasonable. if she's catering for 12 adults then there had better be some pretty special stuff for £30!

justtowarm Thu 30-Nov-17 07:59:40

I think it's a bit rude to ask initially but if having done it previously and no one offered to help pay I would think they were the one being rude!

Amanduh Thu 30-Nov-17 07:59:41

I personally woudn't, but that's because my family all bring things - one lot does the starter, one brings desserts, and they all bring booze. I host, cook, provide the main and all extras. It costs a fortune though and my family all bring things, so if mine didn't bring and I couldnt afford it but they expected me to host, I don't see anything wrong with asking for money towards it really.

Yogagirl123 Thu 30-Nov-17 08:00:08

I wouldn’t dream of charging anyone for a meal in my home. It seems mean to do so. I am sure guests would offer to bring items.

Butterfr33 Thu 30-Nov-17 08:00:34

Exactly @glow1984 . She does all the work and it takes the stress off everyone else. Surely that in itself is worth it!

I don't think anyone is under any obligation, more like 'I'm happy to host Christmas this year, £30 if you're staying for food and drinks to help cover costs!'

Discotits Thu 30-Nov-17 08:01:31

I saw her on This Morning. The reasons she gave were valid, she needs to be in control of the cooking as her son has allergies. I mean, if you’re on a budget catering for a large group gets expensive, so fine imo.

RaptorInaPorkPieHat Thu 30-Nov-17 08:01:54

As long as she's not making a profit, I think it's ok. And as long as it's clear beforehand, not a "you owe me £30" afterwards.

tillytown Thu 30-Nov-17 08:01:55

Does Christmas dinner cost £360 though? What are they eating

Discotits Thu 30-Nov-17 08:02:47

She said it included booze and they gave it to her upfront.

Butterfr33 Thu 30-Nov-17 08:03:27

@tillytown It covers the cost of all the children too and includes food all day so breakfast, dinner and snacks. Drinks too. Very reasonable IMO.

Inertia Thu 30-Nov-17 08:06:14

Fair if agreed beforehand with all , including what food and drink is provided, and if this person always hosts.

Not fair if extended family usually take turns to host / provide everything.

Roussette Thu 30-Nov-17 08:08:01

I think it's ridiculous and brings the whole thing down to money. She must be trying to make some dosh for the january sales. £360.
? Ridiculous
My family contribute lots - drinks, desserts, dips, starters etc but no way would I dream of asking them for money. If you take it in turns you don't need to.

That woman is grabby.

2rebecca Thu 30-Nov-17 08:09:58

If the family members are unhappy they can go elsewhere. Fair enough if the burden always falls on one person

TheNaze73 Thu 30-Nov-17 08:10:38

What is she cooking? Roast Swan?

dustarr73 Thu 30-Nov-17 08:10:42

Just makes you think why wouldnt they even offer rather than have her ask.I think £30 is very good per person.

Tillytown of course Christmas dinner and all the extras cost £360 especially for 12 people.Unless of course she uses teh mythical Mumsnet

Butterfr33 Thu 30-Nov-17 08:11:01

@Roussette Did you not read the OP? People don't bring food and drinks, the lady sorts it all. She's a mum of four and hosts every year from what I understand.

I don't think it's fair to excuse her of being deceitful. I don't think she'll have much left over after feeding and watering 12 adults and all the children 😂

Discotits Thu 30-Nov-17 08:11:15

She hosts every year, so I don’t think it’s ‘grabby’. And provides everything.

I don’t charge when people come round, but I can see why she does. I suppose the question is why was it on the TV and in the paper? Slow news day.

musicposy Thu 30-Nov-17 08:13:13

I think fair enough. Cost can be a real worry at this time of year and if you're the one doing all the catering year after year it could be a huge worry.

£30 isn't bad. I imagine anyone going there for the day would save money!

OliviaStabler Thu 30-Nov-17 08:13:23

Very rude to charge. If you can't afford it, don't offer to host!

InfiniteSheldon Thu 30-Nov-17 08:13:26

We do this informally in my family when we have a big Gathering everybody chucks money in the pot we don't really discuss about it it's just what happens is too much for one person to pay and do otherwise. I often host and if I've had extra money left over I just say the next time no no I don't need anything this time. Bring a dish works really well with some people but my son's got two very young children and they both work full time they'd much rather give money and have a whole day off from worrying about anything

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