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Mobiles on the hospital ward

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AlwaysSpellingMyName Thu 30-Nov-17 01:16:55

I'm currently in hospital due to pain/gynae issues. I'm not sure if I'm being too sensitive so need others opinions

Woman in bed opposite me has been on her phone for the last two hours! No exaggeration. I'm exhausted and just want to sleep. I've heard everything about her life from what Xmas presents she's bought to her friends affair to her recent catheterisation. She's not exactly whispering either.

Am I being petty to ask her to stop? Or complain to the nurses? I genuinely don't know if I need to suck it up as everyone deals with hospital stays differently. I just need to sleep. No chance of being moved as the ward is full - I've already asked. Plus forgot my earphones and there's none going spare.

SlowlyShrinking Thu 30-Nov-17 01:22:06

I’m surprised the nurses haven’t told her to be quiet. You’re not being unreasonable to want to go to sleep, not at all

SleepingStandingUp Thu 30-Nov-17 01:24:26

Ask her or speak to a nurse. Its not ok x

Beerwench Thu 30-Nov-17 01:27:00

Totally unreasonable at this time of night on a hospital ward. Speak to a nurse if you're not comfortable asking her yourself.

AlwaysSpellingMyName Thu 30-Nov-17 01:31:20

I'm not usually afraid of confrontation but I'm just not myself. I've tried to approach her when I've been getting up to go to the toilet but she literally stares at me every time and I just chicken out. Cannot wait to be discharged. Will go speak to the nursing staff. Thank you so much for the reassurance

SlowlyShrinking Thu 30-Nov-17 01:37:31

I’m sure you won’t be the only one who would like her to stfu!

Beerwench Thu 30-Nov-17 01:38:27

Hope you get some sleep and that you're feeling better soon too. flowers

AlwaysSpellingMyName Thu 30-Nov-17 01:40:25

Nurse was fantastic. The woman pauses her all when staff came into the room and picked it up again once they'd closed the door!

She's been told it's totally inappropriate and now silence! Long may it continue. Thank you mumsnetters

AlwaysSpellingMyName Thu 30-Nov-17 01:42:22

How ironic that this is on every bedspace!

Splinterz Thu 30-Nov-17 06:30:39

Ironic indeed as you're using one to type to us and take pictures, which are also prohibited on hospital wards.

AnyFucker Thu 30-Nov-17 06:35:20

That's a shitty comment, splinterz

The issue is the noise and disturbance this woman is making. Op isn't disturbing anybody. But you know that

NaughtToThreeSadOnions Thu 30-Nov-17 06:43:09

Oh come on splinterz unless you are the woman, thats uncalled for. The reason hospitals say that is because there's a chance that patients might be caught in the picture and it's an issue of being able to identify them. Taking s picture of a sign that doesn't even identify the hospital. Come on now.

Normally I'd say if you would have a conversation with some one face to face there's nothing wrong with using a mobile. But at that time in the morning for two hours clearly the other woman was being unreasonable.

Auspiciouspanda Thu 30-Nov-17 06:45:35

When they say 'use of mobiles' they mean making phone calls not mumsnetting and picture taking for heavens sake!

AlwaysSpellingMyName Thu 30-Nov-17 07:47:46

I knew there would be one comment like that! confused

Luckily the ward staff are fantastic and allow the use of mumsnetting and texting. They do kindly ask that you go to one of the family rooms located at both ends of the ward for making phone calls.

Thank you for the helpful replies. I woman'd up and spoke to a nurse who had a word. Silence for the rest of the night. Hopefully I can be discharged today and will have the pleasure of DH snoring tonight. grin

AnyFucker Thu 30-Nov-17 15:37:26

Frying pan/fire smile

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