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To ask who has the oldest non-cleaned wedding dress

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itsgoodtobehome Wed 29-Nov-17 15:31:35

I was just looking in the wardrobe today where I hide my Christmas presents, and saw my wedding dress hanging up there (in a cover). It reminded me that another year has gone by when I have not got round to getting it cleaned. So, it will be 8 years next June since I wore it. I always intended to get it cleaned, but then stuff happened - kids, life, work, and there never seemed like a good time to justify £300+ to get it cleaned. So, it's still there.

Anyone else got a dress still covered in grass, mud, fake tan, wine hanging in their wardrobe, and for how long?

WowserBowser Wed 29-Nov-17 15:33:06

Mine has a fag burn at the bottom!

Zaphodsotherhead Wed 29-Nov-17 15:34:57

I have my mum's wedding dress upstairs. I wore it (uncleaned, after her 1955 wedding) for my first wedding. So, not only has it not been cleaned in sixty two years, but it's been worn once in the interim...

WowserBowser Wed 29-Nov-17 15:35:06

It's about 5 years old. And a Jenny Packham so wasn't cheap but it just reminds me of how much fun I had grin

MrsCharlesBrandon Wed 29-Nov-17 15:36:01

Mine is currently on 13 years and counting.

RhinestoneCowgirl Wed 29-Nov-17 15:36:21

Mine has goose poo on the hem.

I got married in 2001.

teaandtoast Wed 29-Nov-17 15:36:26

Ahem, 26 years. Obviously I need a round tuit.

Stickerrocks Wed 29-Nov-17 15:38:31

1994. My MiL tipped a glass of orange juice down the back of it and it's grubby where it brushed the ground. I didn't bother getting the grass stains off my shoes either. Still very happily married though.

WhatATimeToBeAlive Wed 29-Nov-17 15:40:39

Mine is still in the loft uncleaned, and I got married in 1998! We're divorced now so it will probably never get cleaned!

Stradbroke Wed 29-Nov-17 15:40:53

13 years for me. Stained pink inside where rose petals fell in!

TheLuminaries Wed 29-Nov-17 15:40:54

Silver wedding anniversary next year. Never occurred to me to clean my dress - its not like its had much wear.

Smashpumpkin Wed 29-Nov-17 15:41:26

6 years here! I kept meaning to get it cleaned to sell but never got around to it.
Wonder if anyone would want a 6 year old wedding dress?

Evelynismyspyname Wed 29-Nov-17 15:41:39

Mine isn't the oldest (13 years) but it will never be cleaned - it's a cheapie dress I bought online (it did look good on, honest, but only cost £60) which is pretty much uncleanable. It's got a hole in the hem where I put my heel through it and grass stains on the bottom. I'd have donated it to a charity shop if it were clean, but I really don't know what to do with it as it is - I'm not sentimental but can't quite imagine actually binning it shock

Whitney168 Wed 29-Nov-17 15:44:31

12.5 years here. I am an unsentimental sort who will probably chuck my wedding dress in the bin one day when my husband not around and the bin men due ... (still very happily married).

Conundrum what to do with them, really. Not much point in cleaning, when it is never likely to be worn again. Would happily donate it, but am certainly not paying out to have it cleaned first.

There it sits ...

DailyMaileatmyshit Wed 29-Nov-17 15:45:06

Mines only 3 years old. But I don't intend to clean it. Not sure why you would to be honest, it isn't like I'm going to wear it again.

OverinaFlash Wed 29-Nov-17 15:45:46

Evelyn if you're thinking of getting rid of a dress but want it to be used, you could donate it to a charity that uses wedding dresses to make a burial/funeral outfit for a baby that's been stillborn or died shortly after birth.

GeminiRising Wed 29-Nov-17 15:48:01

Married in 1992. Dress was never cleaned. Still sitting in my mum's wardrobe grin

DailyMaileatmyshit Wed 29-Nov-17 15:48:29

Witney there's a charity that takes uncleaned dresses - you drop them off at a johnsons cleaner, and they clean and repair them then pass them tot he charity. They organise short notice weddings for the terminally ill. Just can't remember their name.

It's what I plan to do with mine, but Dh (sentimental sod) won't let me.

inlectorecumbit Wed 29-Nov-17 15:49:22

Umm 33 years since l last saw my dress blush. We left for our honeymoon straight from the hotel and my DP's took it away and stores it up their loft.
It must be in one of the boxes now up my loft as DM dies 2 years ago and l still haven't opened a few boxes. Lazy bitch !!!

LuckyLuckyWoman Wed 29-Nov-17 15:50:39

1988, 30 years next year, never bothered to have it cleaned. It's probably dirty on the hem when it touched the floor. Can't imagine anyone wanting to ever wear it

Mittens1969 Wed 29-Nov-17 15:50:58

14 years married, it's in the loft. It's been dry cleaned but there were a couple of stains that wouldn't come off apparently, so I couldn't sell it. But I couldn't see the stains at all so it may still be ok for my 2 DDs (8 and 5). They're desperate for us to bring it down from the loft so they can have a proper look.

I'll never be able to wear it again, as I was a lot slimmer in those days. grin

Whitney168 Wed 29-Nov-17 15:51:05

I think that initiative is finished now, apart from certain styles, unfortunately.

ButtMuncher Wed 29-Nov-17 15:52:27

My mum got married in 1982 and it's never been cleaned. My nana got married in 1955 and hers is also unclean grin

IggyAce Wed 29-Nov-17 15:53:39

13 years and counting. Tbh even if you cleaned it and tried to sell straight after the wedding you would only get a fraction of the price.

LoniceraJaponica Wed 29-Nov-17 15:54:03

I got married in 1981. It never occurred to me to clean my wedding dress as it never got dirty. It is in the loft.

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